• Geitafjellet
  • 1255 m
  • Prominence 105 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.47048, East 006.11667 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 10. 2020


How to get there:
Drive E-16 from Bergen towards Voss. Turn right at Dale and take what used to be the road to Voss up the narrow and quite spectacular road to Bergsdalen. You will finish the ascent with a couple of switchbacks as you reach a lake with a dam. Continue to the very first point from where one may see the big lake Hamlagrøvatnet ahead. There is a small parking area on your right hand side. This is location N60.52424, E006.08139, elevation about 580 meter.
Route description:
The mountain dominates the view across the western part of lake Hamlagrø. One may hike around the west side of the lake or ski more directly across. Beware that this lake is regulated and thus its ice surface will get lower during winter leaving broken ice along the shore, possibly with hidden dangers (crevasses etc.).
Ski directly towards the mountain, due south passing point 669m. There is a steeper step near contour 700m, ascend from left to right. Continue south-east to lake 754, then up to the saddle between the main mountain and point 817m. From here, ski up a slightly steeper slope to reach more level ground. Continue south, ascend past lake 958 and up on the east side of point 1189m. Complete the ascent with a long very gradual ascent to the summit. There are two competing summit points, one west near the steep drop with a small cairn at location N60.47026, E006.11573 and one more east with a good view to the higher Skrott. They are close and one should visit both locations.
I did this trip with my friend Jostein and my son Pål J&osdlash;rgen. The forecast promised the best weather in Easter on this day. After a very nice breakfast, we drove to the trailhead. There were several parties already there and we had to park along the road.
Leaving around 1000, we skied the west side of the lake, crossing the river on the bridge before cutting across the lake and ascend on the south side. Jostein felt the ascent of Gullfjellet from the day before and we decided that a good plan would be for him to enjoy the perfect weather in the col near point 817m, while Pål and I would ski the mountain. We ascended from there in about one hour. A very nice summit with good view to the higher Skrott nearby as well as the Hardangerfjord to the south. We visited the two summit points, then skied back down to Jostein. A good rest in the warm sun, before heading back to the car and home for sauna followed by a nice Easter dinner - then bridge.