Cilindro de Marbore

  • Cilindro de Marbore
  • 3328 m.
  • Primary factor: 228 m.
  • Near Perdido, Pyrenees
  • Location: North 42:41.083, East 000:01.433
  • Difficulty: YDS class 3
  • Climbed August 27. 1999


How to get there: See the information under Tobacor 2769 m.
Route description: This mountain is most conveniently climbed from the small lake near the pass (col) between Monte Perdido and Cilindro. We climbed it after descending from the Perdido summit, since the day was nice and we still had both strength and time left before dinner at Refugio de Goriz.
From the small lake one proceeds up a slope of loose gravel, small rocks to a small pass on the south side of the main mountain. The most difficult (YDS class 4) pitch of the climb starts here, it can be done without a rope, but using one for extra safety does not hurt. The route proceeds up a fairly obvious crack and the climbing gets easier after the first 4-5 meters. After a bit of walking there is one short climb where the use of hands are needed before coming to the last slope leading up to the summit.
Comments: The view from this summit is very nice, in particular west, south and north. The vertical drop between this mountain and Perdido is more than 200 meters. Also, viewed from a distance the two mountains certainly appear as two distinct, separate mountains. My best guess is that this mountain is the 5th highest in the Pyrenees, with the close neighbor of Aneto, Punta Astorg (3353 m ?) almost tying Perdido for 3rd.