Baselfjeld North

  • Baselfjeld North
  • 2666 m
  • Primary factor 719 m
  • Location: North 73.23069, West 28.60452
  • Saddle: North of Petermanns Bjerg, at 1947 m.
  • North-East Greenland
  • First ascent, June 25. 1998


How to get there: The mountain is located at North: 73.23069, West: 28.60452 .
This is a GPS measurement from the summit.
We skied over a flat area from our base camp just south of the mountain Gog.
Route description:
Ski up to the col south of the summit. (between Miriam and the ridge extending west towards Basel Fjeld.) There is a band of rocks extending nearly all the way to the summit along the steep cliff to the west. We climbed on the ice along this band. About two thirds of the way up the slope gets steeper and the easier slope is along a short traverse towards the right (the snow ridge). The last part is almost flat along the ridge to the highest point.
One of the finest (and highest) summits in the local vicinity. Beautiful views towards the icecap in the west, Gog in the north-east and Peterman to the south.
The top is a long, quite flat arching edge. We reached the summit at 6 AM (GMT). A cairn was built at the highest rock point. (The snow ridge being slightly higher at this time of year.)
The technically more difficult peak at the end of the ridge extending from our starting col in the opposite direction was climbed by three other members of our party the same day (also this a first ascent).

Prominence: the assumption is that this peak is the highest north of Petermanns Bjerg, east of Victor Madsens Gletscher, south of Jættegletscher, and west of Gregorys Gletscher. Furthermore, the saddle when crossing from Gregorys Gletscher to Victor Madsens Gletscher just north of Petermanns Bjerg is (Arctic DEM) 1947m. Our base camp was near this saddle point, and fairly accurately determined to 1950 meter.