• Harbarsbreen
  • 1720 m
  • Primary factor 180 m
  • Breheimen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:40.704, East 007:39.183
  • Climbed on skis, April 6. 1974.


How to get there: Our trip started at Sotaseter, at the end of an approximately 15 km side road from the main road between Lom and Grotli (on the Stynefjell). We did this climb as part of a ski tour from Styggevasshytta to Nørstedalshytta. Please see an appropriate map for a possible shorter access. The mountain is in Breheimen, ie., the north-west of Jotunheimen.
Route description: We skied from Styggevass up and across Sprangdalseggi (south) before descending into Sprangdalen (there is a hut in this valley now). From Sprangdalen, again steeply up and out of the valley on the other side. Avalanche danger, we pretty much ascended along a fairly large avalanche that had recently happened. From here along varied terrain to the base of Harbardsbreen. This is a summit completely covered by the glacier. The slope is smooth and not steep, it makes for very good skiing. Finally, down to Nørstedalshytta, see comment below.
Comments: I did this ski tour with my friend Jostein. Styggevasshytta does not exist any more, it has been "drowned" by a hydro electric project. It is not a good idea to ski from the summit directly towards the DNT hut Nørstedalshytta (along the summer route). The last part of this route is very steep and not a safe winter route. We almost got there, but finally decided to turn around climb all the way up and arrive three hours late for dinner.