• Blåtind
  • 697 m
  • Primary factor 697 m
  • Location: North 62:16.444, East 005:54.708 (GPS at the summit)
  • Location: Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Climbed February 1, 2009
  • Difficulty YDS class 1


How to get there: This mountain is the highest on the island of Hareid, located south-west of the city Ålesund. This island is connected to the island Gurskøya by a short bridge. Drive there, but do not cross the bridge. Instead, drive south to the small place called Haddal. Leave the main road here (turn left) and find a small dead-end road that is as high as possible and also dead ends (south) near the slope leading up to Haddalshornet. The trailhead is located at N62:16.549, E005:52.661, elevation about 72 meter. There is limited parking along the road.
Route description: This description covers a trip that traverses the three independent summits located in the Blåtind area. For much more detailed information about this area study the excellent pages of Arnt Flatmo.
From the trailhead (end of the road) head left (gently uphill) along a fairly well used trail. Fairly soon, you will arrive at a fork. A trail directly to Blåtind continues straight, while the trail to Haddalshornet forks right. Follow this trail as it climbs towards a small, subsidiary point with an antenna. From here, turn more left and continue up the ridge. The upper section has many possible routes all arriving at the summit of Haddalshornet.
From Haddalshornet, continue down to the saddle connecting it to Blåtind, ascend gently across the small hump called Grøthornet before continuing up the broad and gentle ridge to the summit of Blåtind.
From Blåtind, descend towards the north-west, then turn more north-east as you hike east of the small lake Hundelaupsvatnet (477m). A clear trail ascends the hill leading up to the summit of Kongsvollen.
In order to complete this loop, return more or less directly towards the trailhead. This route will take you north of Hundelaupsvatnet where you pick up a trail that descends the west slope of Blåtind.
Comments: I did this hike with my friend Arnt. Arnt lives in the area and knows these mountains in great detail, thus I enjoyed having a very competent guide. We left the car at 1005, arriving at Haddalshornet around 1120. The upper part of this route was somewhat icy and care was needed to pick a route that would be comfortable for hiking in ski boots without crampons.
We proceeded across easy terrain visiting the very minor point Grøthornet on our way to the summit of Blåtind, arriving there around 1215. Descending from Blåtind, we made our way across to the third and last summit, Kongsvollen. The weather almost cleared, at least the visibility changed from definite fog to conditions where we could see the nearby peaks. We returned to the trailhead around 1500 after a pretty long, diagonal traverse down the west side of Blåtind.