• Skaftafjellet
  • 186 m
  • Prominence 186 m
  • Location: North 60.02586, East 005.26236 (GPS)
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed August 1. 2022.


How to get there:
This mountain is in Austevoll. From Bergen, take the ferry from Krokeide, then drive south from Hufthammar. One may start from the signed trailhead for Loddo, and visit both peaks. A shorter hike would be to start from the parking south-east of lake Vinnesvatnet.
The Loddo trailhead has a signed exit (left) from the main road at a point where the main road is running quite near the coast. The trailhead location is N60.04668, E005.25938, elevation about 12 meter.
Route description:
Follow the nice walking path towards Loddo. This path has a signed fork that heads right at a location (near big trees) where the Loddo trail bends left and heads more uphill. About 100 meter before this location (when heading towards Loddo) a somewhat vague trail forks right across a flat meadow. This trail had a sign that had fallen to the ground, saying Veten (summer 2022). Take this trail, it is red marked and becomes more visible/distinct after leaving the initial meadow.
This trail is signed for Veten, however when it is pretty near Skaftafjellet, there is a fork and a separate trail forks left and ascends Skaftafjellet. See the route on the map at the end of this text.
Skaftafjellet has a forest on top, the hill curves quite gently neaar the summit. A summit cairn has been built between the trees.
I did this climb directly after a visit to the island HP, Loddo. After descending back to the trail signs, I continued 50-100 meter towards the trailhead and located the fallen sign pointing towards Veten. This trail turned out to be quite nice and easy to follow, only a bit vague in the very beginning. Well marked with red paint.
I knew this trail went to Veten, I did not know if there was any trail to Skaftafjellet. It still paid off to follow this Veten trail as long as reasonable, since off-trail hiking looked quite cumbersome in many places. When seeing Skaftafjellet up on my left, I finally decided to leave the trail and head uphill. However, soon I found a new trail going my way. Thus, most likely there is a trail fork that I would have found if I had stayed on the Veten trail just a little bit longer.
I arrived at the Skaftafjellet summit at 1320, it had taken me about 1:20 since leaving the summit of Loddo. I had agreed to meet my wife Heidi at some recreationl orienteering location about half way between this summit and the parking near lake Vinnesvatnet. She had dropped me at the Loddo trailhead and driven to this parking in order to do some orienteering, finding about a dozen control locations. Just below the summit, my track descended some steepish terrain, a better route is likely to keep more right. Next, I crossed a meadow and hiked around a small lake before descending on a trail to the agreed meeting location. Heidi had arrived there less than 5 minutes ahead of me. We then continued down to the walking road that runs around the lake in order to find our car.