• Dystingen
  • 999 m
  • Primary factor 261 m
  • Vaksdal, Norway
  • Location: North 60.59206, East 005.87068 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed August 20. 2017.

Foto: Arnt Flatmo.


How to get there:
Drive to Dahle (follow E-16). Exit E-16 and drive through the small center, then follow signs for Bergsdalen. The road runs through a short tunnel while still in town. This road is quite narrow as it climbs with steep cliffs on either side, It is interesting to think back to the time when this served as the main road connecting Voss and Bergen.
Shortly after the uphill ends, look for a power plant building (BKK) on your left, one can park in front of this building, at location N60.58170, E005.88691, elevation about 415 meter. This place is called Fosse.
Route description:
Head back along the road about 100 meter and locate a small sign that says Dystingen. The trail starts out directly uphill from here. Alternatively, you may traverse uphill (left) directly from the parking as long as you do not damage the grass (it was cut at the time of my visit).
The trail is more distinct as you get up the first hill. Initially under some power lines, then the trail climbs left. Well marked. High above the treeline the trail/route is marked with thin, but tall poles. Near the top, there are some short sections where care should be exercised when the rock is wet, quite slippery. This part has earned the route a classification of (YDS) class 2. The summit has a collection of buildings/structures as well as a large, well built cairn.
I left my car at 1200, the three mountains should be doable in about 4 hours. The trail to Dystingen was well marked and I arrived on top at 1305. Quite an ugly top with all kinds of structures and buildings. The cairn, located in the middle of all this, was quite impressive, it must have been quite a bit of work to build it.
Unfortunately, fog had engulfed the peak and visibility was minimal. On top of this, I had left my camera behind when leaving home and it did not occur to me that I could take a few pictures with my mobile (it was left behind in the car).
I had read on Arnt's Hordaland page that one could go pretty much straight line between Kvamsnova and Dystingen. My route went in the opposite direction, but that should not matter? Well, as I started out in the fog, I quickly understood that the descent from Dystingen in this direction was indeed steep. Quite hard to see the terrain below, I descended carefully on slippery ledges, sometimes involving a bit of downclimb, only to discover that my route could not be completed - too steep.
Ascending quite a bit, I tried again a bit more to my right hand side. Pretty much the same story, steep and slippery with climbing to get from one ledge to the next, again the conclusion was a dead end with the need to reverse uphill again. It seemed there were few options except to continue the exploration. After almost 2 hours, I was finally down - now badly behind schedule.
The ascent of Kvamsnova was straightforward, I arrived at 1505. To ascend Dystingen a second time was not very attractive. However, it seemed that getting from here across to Flatafjellet would involve some difficulties regardless of route.
I decided to continue with essentially straight lines. First, up the little valley between the two mountains, then I needed to climb a bit higher efore a traverse could begin. Fairly soon, I ran into a big ravine (small valley) that needed crossing. By now, visibility was better and I planned a route that would involve some exposed scrambling. The wet and slippery rock was definitely a concern. This worked well and the rest of the route to the valley that connected directly up to the col between Dystingen and Flatafjellet, was pretty straightforward.
I arrived at the Flatafjellet summit at 1705. Being several hours behind the plan, I now hurried back into the valley, then ascended slightly to reconnect with the trail used to ascend Dystingen. I was back down with my car at 1805, the trip had taken about 2 hours more than planned, but overall a nice day in the hills.