SE of Storlogpiken

  • SE of Storlogpiken
  • 1578 m.
  • Primary factor 110 m.
  • Location: Olden, Norway
  • Location: North 61.79486, East 006.70130 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed on May 27. 2017.


How to get there:
A good starting reference is the village of Innvik, this is along Hwy. 15 connecting Byrkjelo and Stryn. From Innvik, drive uphill (south) and follow the road that climbs into the (only) valley above Innvik. There is a self-serve toll road as you get higher up (NOK 50 in 2017). After you have gained 500 meter of elevation, fork right where a road descends to the river and crosses to the south side. Find parking along this road that serves a few mountain cabins before it ends. The road ends at a private cabin at location N61.82262, E006.66934, elevation near 590 meter.
Route description:
Ski directly uphill through reasonable vegetation that quickly gets sparser. There is a large bowl higher up, the route should at the east (left) side of this bowl and continue more south-east climbing the broad ridge that connects to the much more distinct north ridge of Storlogpiken (1553m). Near the upper end of this ridge, there is a short, but significantly steeper section of the ridge. In summer, this section may be scrambled (easy climbing), in the spring, one may normally be able to kick steps up this section. One should bring an ice axe and crampons if unsure about the conditions.
Once up the steep pitch, the large cairn on Storlogpiken is directly ahead. From the cairn of Storlogpiken, the local summit is about 1.5 kilometer to the south-east. The terrain is very gentle, first a slight downhill, then a much longer, but extremely gentle uphill. There is no significant cairn on this summit, however, it is the highest local summit and the only one in this area with prominence exceeding 100 meter.
See my report on Ceciliekruna.