North Arapahoe Peak

  • North Arapahoe Peak
  • 4115 m
  • Primary factor 507 m
  • Saddle: Buchanan Pass
  • Colorado
  • Highest of the Indian Peaks
  • Location: North 40:1.60, West 105:39.03
  • Climbed in August 1997.


How to get there: Drive past the small village of Nederland (west of Boulder) and continue past the ski-area to a parking lot at the very end of the dirt road.
Route description: The hike starts going in the valley while climbing gently on the north side. At the site of an old mine the trail forks and we turn sharply north and switchback up to a saddle east of South Arapahoe Peak. The climb of the south peak (which is slightly lower) is an easy walk. From the south peak one traverses a ridge to the north summit. The traverse is well marked, but have a couple of points with some exposure and light scrambling.
Comments: When I made this climb (solo) I encountered a very strong wind from the west. The wind picked up smaller rocks from the ground and made the ridge seem quite uncomfortable in places. There is a tiny glacier that serves the Boulder community with drinking water to the east. Return the same way.