Malchin Uul

  • Malchin Uul
  • 4034 m
  • Primary factor 304 m
  • Mongolia
  • Location: North 49.17161, East 087.87520 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed August 29. 2019.


How to get there:
See the description for Khüiten.
Route description:
From the Base Camp used for climbing Khüiten, take the well worn trail that heads gently uphill following the big moraine on its right hand side. When the route to Khüiten turns left and crosses the moraine, just proceed straight ahead. You will clearly see Malchin directly in front of you. Follow smaller zig-zag trails up the main ridge. There are several variations. Higher up, the ridge has a more level section before a final, small uphill gets you to the summit.
I climbed this peak as a side trip when returning from high camp at Khüiten back to base camp. I left my backpack near the base of the hill at 1230 and made the summit at 1400. On my way up, I noticed a single person descending. My guess was that this had to be Petter K. Soon enough, the guess proved correct. Nice to meet my tent-mate after a day of separation! We had a good chat, then Petter continued downhill, while I completed the few remaining hundreds of vertical meter.
A 15 minute rest for photo and general views around. I descended back down to my backpack in one hour, then took another leisurely hour back to base camp, arriving there at 1615.