• Grønahorgi
  • 1166 m.
  • Primary factor 528 m
  • Location: North 60:33.570, East 006:31.980 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed on April 8, 2008.


How to get there: Drive to Voss from Bergen along E-16. This is 100 kilometer. In Voss, leave E-16 by going straight in the first trafic light, continue until you cross a bridge. Make a right turn just after this bridge, immediately followed by a left turn. Drive about 6 kilometer, then make a sharp left turn uphill on a smaller road, this is before you get to the farm Haug, marked on the map. This road makes a sharp bend to the right further uphill, followed by a road fork. Take the right fork and continue a short stretch until you have a small place for turning on your left. Inquire about how to park without causing any nuisance in the house on your right side. This is the trailhead, location N60:35.411, E006:28.451, elevation approximately 420 meter.
Route description: Continue along the road, then follow the forest road as it makes a large right arc uphill across the field and then enters the forest. Follow this road until it enters a somewhat distinct meadow that runs perpendicular to your course. Ski a little left, then head steeply uphill in order to gain the terrain above the treeline. Ski along the open slopes as you slowly gain elevation until you arrive at the base of the final summit area. The slopes are easy and the summit appears, marked with a nice cairn.
The summer trail runs a bit left of this ski route, more in the valley and it passes the Otledalen farm cabins. See also the more comprehensive information by Arnt Flatmo.
Comments: This was the BCCS ski day and I suggested that one activity could be a ski ascent of Grønahorgi.
Yvan Strahm, Håkon Sagehaug, Tatiana Matteva and Øyvind Thiem signed up, making us a party of five. We drove in two cars from Bergen around 0800 and after asking permission to park from a local farmer, we started out from the trailhead around 1000. The entire team skied quite well despite a fairly difficult snow that made waxed skis both slip and stick while skinned skis would accumulate a lot of snow sticking to the skin. We arrived at the summit around 12 - noon and had a long break in the sun right next to the cairn.
We left around 1240 and had a fun ski with many hills with different challenges all the way back down to the car. We were back already at 1320, it seemed like everybody had enjoyed the trip.