• Hærfjellet
  • 1024 m
  • Primary factor 89 m
  • Location: North 61.16567, East 10.05545
  • Location: Near Verskei, Norway.
  • Saddle: Between contour 934-935, east of Nyseter.
  • Climbed every Easter and sometimes in winter.


How to get there: The nearest starting point is the parking area at Verskei.
Route description: From Verskei, ski toward Nyseter, take the leftmost route. After about one kilometer continue straight across a flat area, then climb the gentle slope to a rounded summit with a nice cairn and a good view.
Comments: This summit is visited often when skiing from my mountain hut towards Verskei. It offers good views and a nice hill to ski back down.

Partial list of ascents, many more are not recorded.
1 September 171966 Hunting with Dad
2 April 141968 Ski trip with Dad
3 April 1l2018 Ski trip with Pål Jørgen.
4 April 32023 Ski trip with Pål Jørgen.