• Midtfjell
  • 1255 m.
  • Primary factor 905 m
  • Highest on the Oksenhalvøya (penisula) between Granvik and Ulvik
  • Location: North 60:30.383, East 006:50.605
  • Climbed October 27 2002.


How to get there: From Bergen one can drive via Kvamsskogen to Granvin or via Voss, then towards Granvin. Take the 7.5 km "Vallavik" tunnel that provides best access to the ferry across the Hardanger fjord. If arriving from the south side of the Hardanger fjord, cross with the Brimnes to Bruravik ferry, then drive towards the Vallavik tunnel, making a left turn just a few hundred meters before the tunnel. Immediately after exiting the tunnel, take the first road to the right, drive back parallel to the road you just came a couple of hundred meters to a small intersection. Make a right turn here (the sign says Hallanger) and climb the hill towards two Hallanger farms located on a shelf overlooking the fjord. Park off the road without blocking anything between the two farms. The trail heads up a small road going left, see the picture below.
Route description: Follow the small farm road up across the a small field, then left. You will pass through two gates as the road climbs gently, then makes a switchback before climbing more towards the north. There is a small sign (for Dalsete) going left, do not take this trail, but continue until near the end of the road where a second sign points to the left quite near a small creek. The trail starts out fairly steeply up the hill. Continue along a well maintained and fairly good trail as it climbs to slightly more level area called Skarvet.
The trail makes a few turns as it climbs closer to the steep mountain slope higher up, then starts an ascending traverse towards the climbers left. Once on the ridge, follow it as it climbs towards a false summit called Disk, then more gently along to the main summit beyond.
Comments: I did this hike with Arnt Flatmo and my son Pål Jørgen, age 13. The hike took 4 hours up and slightly more than 1.5 hours down. We spent 15 minutes on the summit enjoying a gorgeous view in all directions. The steep climb to the ridge was somewhat slower than normal due to about one meter! of snow. Once on the ridge, the conditions improved and a very fine mountain was ours.