• Pina
  • 487 m
  • Primary factor 119 m
  • Osterøy, Norway
  • Location: North 60.63854, East 005.70587 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: March 23, 2014


How to get there:
Take E-16 from Bergen to Dale, shortly thereafter at the bottom of a long downhill, turn left towards Romarheim and Modalen. This road is rather narrow with many sharp curves. Continue until you see the concrete bridge across to Osterøy in front of you. Keep right here and cross the bridge. This intersection is 37.3 kilometer from the turnoff to Modalen from E39 in Romarheim.
Continue on a very narrow road, about 7 kilometer from the bridge you start to leave the fjord as the road now climbs and 10.4 kilometer from the turnoff to the bridge you have reached a place with good parking on your right hand side. This is near Toskedalsvatnet, Park here, or continue to the very end of the road in Toskedalen, about 500 meter. Ask about parking if somebody is around. This location is N60.66211, E005.69624, elevation about 215 meter.
Route description:
See the description for Snjonipa for the first part of the hike, that is to the bridge across the small creek in the valley Dalen.
Continue up the valley Dalen on a trail that runs on the right hand side of the creek, sometimes a bit away from the creek. This trail will get you to a cabin located at the north end of lake Bukksteinvatnet (286 meter). Cross the small creek near the outhouse and follow a smaller trail, initially along the lake, then a bit inland. This trail runs up the small valley and connects to the small mountain hut named Kallvikastølen, located at the end of lake Kalviktjørn, 270 meter. Cross south before the saddle and find a way up on the (broad) ridge going north from Pina. The terrain here is steep and complex, but there are certainly some alternatives, possibly easier a bit north. Finally, follow the terrain south to the summit of Pina.