Monte Alpi

  • Monte Alpi
  • 1900 m
  • Prominence 920 m
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2+.
  • Location: North 40.12125, East 15.97443 (GPS)
  • Climbed: June 17, 2022


How to get there:
The exit from the main Autostrada (E-45) is called North Lauria. Continue north in the valley on SP-19 and navigate to location N40.14223, E15.98126. From here you will find a small road that heads south (uphill) to location N40.13061, E15.98577, elevation 1400 meter. This is the trailhead and parking.
Note that there are alternative trailheads. This trailhead serves a route with minimal vertical ascent.
A quick summary of the peaks climbed in Italy 2022.
From the trailhead, take the tractor road that ascends most directly uphill. Follow this uphill, ascending a bit towards your right (facing uphill). You will see a few other forest roads/track, just stick to the one you are on. It will end, and a pretty clear trail continues a short stretch. From here, angle slightly left and climb a small spur/ridge uphill.
Higher, you will see a near vertical cliff up front. Scramble (this is the 2+ crux) around on the left side, some rocks and grass. The slope quickly eases and one may continue uphill along a pretty distinct ridge, with a huge gully steeply downhill on your right hans side.
Higher up, you again enter a section of forest. It is actually pretty easy since there is separation between the trees and no under-growth. Here, you have 2 options. Stay as far right as possible/convenient and locate an exit (pretty clear trail) that crosses the basin on your right, then climbs easy slopes on the far side to reach the main crest a bit west of the 1893m east summit. Alternatively, stay in the forest, easy to ascend until you exit at or near the highest point. You basically say on the ridge all the way and continue above the trees as you follow the high ridge directly to the east 1893m summit.
It is important to be aware that the highest summit at 1900 meter, is the west summit. This is separated from the east summit by a col, about 60 meter below. There is a paint marked trail descending from the east summit ridge to this col. Finally, ascend the west summit ridge (easy) and walk along it to the highest (west) summit.
I drove to the trailhead without any issues, thanks to Rob having provided a good description. I left my car at 0945. The ascent was straightforward, some easy scrambling to gain the ridge above the cliff. Likely, even easier if one goes a bit more left at the beginning. I contoured a bit west of the east summit and descended to the col separating the two summits. Here, about 25 cows where eating mountain gras. Arriving at the summit at 1100, blue sky and nice views all around.
Next, traversing back, I obviously also had to visit the east summit. I then decided to descend the ridge directly from this summit. The forest below was easy with good separation of the trees. I emerged directly on top of the lower ridge, no issues, but a little care is needed as the terrain is steepish and the gras slippery. Back by my car at 1205, about 45 minutes from the east summit.
I next set out to explore possible trailheads for Monte La Spina.