Monte Nerone

  • Monte Nerone
  • 1525 m
  • Prominence: 823 m
  • Location: Italy.
  • Location: North 43.55772, East 012.51814 (GPS)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: June 24. 2022


How to get there:
Locate the road intersection in a small village at location N43.54432, E012.49089. The only good, paved road to this mountain starts here. Drive up towards the final top with antennas. Park along the road or perhaps at the small turnout on your right hand side just before the final hill. I parked at location N43.55736, E012.51754, near elevation 1490 meter.
Walk up the remaining part of the road, you will arrive at a gate. There are some signs in Italian, not easy to understand for a Norwegian. If the gate is open, consider taking a few steps inside. You will see a staircase that climbs towards the highest point, immediately to your left. From the top of the steps, there is a short and easy hill to get you to the flat area below the antenna. Return the same way.
If for various reasons, the above approach will not work, then walk back down the road and find a small trail that gets you onto the main ridge. Walk up to the fence and locate its highest point. This is near location N43.55772, E012.51785. The summit is quite close, but clearly higher than your location.
I had been to Pietralata in the morning, this mountain would be my last to visit in this area.
I parked my car near the gate and first hiked to the highest point on the outside of the fence. The summit was indeed close, but clearly quite a bit higher than my location.
Next, I went back down on the street and walked up to the gate. It was sort of half open. Stepping inside, I noticed a couple of cars, but no person to ask if a short summit visit would be possible.
A nice and easy access to the highest point would be to just take the steps leading up directly to my left hand side and immediately inside the gate. I walked up these steps, then a short grassy slope and stood at the flat summit directly below the antenna. The summit had obviously been a few meter higher before they constructed the antenna.
Returning the same way, I was quite happy with my brief but successful visit.