• Steinen
  • 439 m
  • Primary factor 181 m
  • Fusa, Norway
  • Location: North 60.17140, East 005.75564 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed November 6. 2016
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
From Bergen, first drive to Eikelandsosen (E-16 to Trengereid, Hwy. 7 Samnanger, then Hwy. 48 towards Mundheim.) From Eikelandsosen, continue along Hwy. 48 to the intersection called Kilen. Tunr right here onto Hwy. 549, sign Såvareid. Continue about one kilometer after the turnoff to Såvareid, locate a very small road going left with the sign Markhus. Take this road, it climbs steeply with several sharp curves. Just as it levels park on the left hand side immediately after the cattle guard. This is the trailhead, location N60.17721, E005.76910, elevation about 145 meter.
Head sirectly up the steep slope, initially through a small forest of spruce trees. You will see cliffs higher up. Keep going left when forced to turn. A nice route then leads uphill. Higher up, the terrain is easier, but still uphill. Keep a bit right as you approach the summit. You will pass a small cairn, thenarrive at the highest point with a proper cairn.
I started at 1140, yesterday we had quite a bit of snow. The terrain was white and a bit slippery. Higher up, I ran into some pretty fresh footprints, most likely from yesterday. I followed them, thinking that the summit had to be the goal. However, the footprints went more left and never got close to the cairn.
I arrived at 1240, so one hour up. Pretty nice views alla round. There was a summit register in the cairn, but i decided not to sign it. Leaving at 1245, the descent was easy, I took a course more right in order to descend directly to the farm building. Down by 1315, so only 30 minutes going down.
I went on to also climb Øyjordsåsen, before calling it a day.