• Veten
  • 486 m
  • Primary factor 394 m
  • Bergen, Norway
  • Location: North 60:30.103 East 005:19.259 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed November 27, 2010.


How to get there: From central Bergen, go north on E-39 to Åsane. Continue to the first traffic circle (this may change when Ikea gets its new building completed.) and exit left towards Salhus. Locate a smaller road that (pretty immediately) forks right, the name is Dalavegen. This road runs immediately on the left (west) side of the new Ikea store, details may change a bit as this complex is completed. Continue west and gradually north of Langavatnet as you drive by some buildings before finding a pretty big, signed parking area on your right hand side. Park here, location N60:29.242 E005:19.799, elevation about 90 meter.
Route description: The shortest route is to backtrack a few meter along the road, then take the small dirt road signed as the old Bergen-Trondheim postal route, north and uphill.
However, here a round trip will be described that ends up coming down this road. The route can be done in either direction.
From the parking, continue along the road (ie. go right), as it curves around the northen end of the lake. The road becomes a track then a path heading south and bypassing the steep hill slope that runs down from your left. The path connects with a dirt road called Teiglandsvegen. Follow this road, passing a farm and going uphill before connecting to a paved road, Sæterstølvegen. Go left and follow this road uphill, more steeply with two sharp curves. The road sort of tops out near some buildings and a big trail forks of gently uphill to your left. Follow this path as it climbs to the main (south-east) crest of the mountain. The trail thus ascends north of the small top called Skagen. Follow this trail more or less along the main crest across a few local (false) tops to the summit of Veten, marked with a big, nicely built cairn.
On the return, backtrack down to the first small plateau below the summit, then go right and follow a pretty clear and well used trail that descends to the valley that cuts between Høgstefjellet and Veten. The old postal road runs in this valley. There is a sign describing the old postal route as well as some old stone huts near the place where the trail from Veten hits the small road. Go left (south) and follow this road down to the road near your parking.
Comments: I did this hike with my son Tor Erling. We started around 1315 and hit the summit at 1405. It was cold (much colder than normal in Bergen) and a bit windy. The view north to the big floating bridge that connects to Knarvik is very good. We stayed around for about 5 minutes before heading down into the pretty deep valley that separates Høgstefjellet and Veten. After reading about the old postal route (the sign has Norwegian, English and German text), we returned to the car, arriving there at 1515. A nice, but pretty cold 2 hour hike.