• Vassdalstinden
  • 1277 m.
  • Primary factor 667 m.
  • Location: Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Location: North 62.24409, East 006.18965 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 3
  • Climbed on July 3. 2017.


How to get there:
This mountain is located near the small town of Ørsta in Sunnmøre. In Ørsta, two valleys extend inland, you want to travel up the one that runs more to the north. Hwy. 655 branches off E-39 in a traffic circle, follow this road and make a left at the third opportunity. Drive about 6 kilometer on a road that turns narrow and dirt, but is ok for normal cars. You will arrive at Vallasætra, a cluster of cabins and a small parking area. This road is a self serve toll road. Park here, at location N62.23191, E006.21063, elevation about 320 meter.
Route description:
Continue on the big path that serves several cabins, near the last cabin, turn left and follow a tiny path towards the waterfall that plunges down the hillside from the hanging Bukkedalen valley above. A bigger trail runs up the small moraine before you reach the small pond at the base of the waterfall. Follow this trail as it climbs the hillside, more steeply after the initial stretch. As this trail nears the top of the steeper slope, it traverses right, towards the stream. This part is vague and not well marked. The trail next continues up and into Bukkedalen quite near the stream.
Just before you reach the steeper uphill section leading to the small lakes higher up, turn left and consider the slopes of Vassdalstinden. There are two broad gullies separated by a low, gentle ridge (or spur). Ascend this middle part. If the gullies are filled by snow, perhaps it is easier to ascend the snow. Higher up, traverse right as it is the rightmost gully that provides good access to the summit. The routee follows this gully in its final part, one may also to some extent scramble on the rocks along the right hand side. If the gully is filled by snow, it is best to just ascend the snow. Ice axe and crampons will be needed. This snow is steep enough to call for careful climbing, a slide could be very unpleasant indeed.
The gully tops out only a few meter from the summit. Scramble slightly left, good holds for hand and foot, but (YDS) class 3 climbing. This section is only a couple of meter.
I had spent the weekend celebrating the opening of a new, very nice mountain hut, Skålabu, next to the famous Skåla tower. This hut is located at 1848 meter, one of the highest huts in Norway. The ascent is 1800 vertical meter across about 8 kilometer, considered the longest sustained uphill in Norway.
I desended this Monday morning in about 2 hours. Looking out before breakfast, we had 10 cm of new snow no traces of the many footsteps from the previous day and a total white-out. Thus, I escorted two ladies back down, they were happy to have company with a guy that knows this mountain very well.
I next drove to Ørsta and onwards to the trailhead. Leaving at 1300, the weather was rainy, grey clouds and traces of fog drifting about. The trail to Bukkedalen was wet, muddy and slippery. In Bukkedalen, the visibility was limited, Vassdalstinden totally hidden in fog. I ascended the rib between the broad gullies, then left my poles and continued uphill with crampons and ice axe, in the left gully. This gully ran out of snow and I traversed right and subsequently started an ascending traverse in order to reach the right edge of the rightmost gully. The snow was ok, but the fog played games with the terrain and at times, the route looked spooky.
I got to the rocks at the right side of the gully, then tried to scramble up alongside tghe snow. This was a bit tricky in a few spots, but got me up to the top of the gully. From here, easy scrambling to the very summit, arriving there at 1545, so 2:45 up.
Very limited visibility, I left the summit by 1600 and were back down by my car at 1745. Just before hitting my car, someone called my name from behind. It turned out to be our neighbors from Bergen, Øystein and Kristin. They stayed in one of the cabins, I knew about this cabin, but not precisely its location. After a brief chat, I got to my car and drove to my friend Arnt Flatmo, staying with him for the night.