• Håfjellet
  • 937 m
  • Primary factor 759 m
  • Location: North 59:43.123, East 006:01.697
  • Climbed April 5. 2003.


How to get there: From Bergen, be prepared for a long drive. There are several routes, all long. One can drive via Kvanndal with a ferry to Utne, or even cross the Hardangerfjord from Bruravik to Brimnes. Continue to Odda and up the scenic valley to the road that connects Haugesund with Oslo. Drive towards Haugesund and descend to the fjord. This road is a toll road (NOK 40). Continue along Åkrafjorden (many tunnels). Eventually, the road crosses away from the fjord to the lake Storvatnet (51m). Shortly thereafter, look for the road going right with the sign Skånevik. Take this road, drive uphill, but only until you have a farm on your left hand, immediately followed by a small farm road going left. Take this road and follow it uphill to the small farm Hustufta (240m). You are on private land, ask if you can park there, otherwise park further down and away from the buildings.
Alternatively, (this is shorter, but involves two ferries), drive from Bergen to Gjermundshamn, take the ferry to Løvikstrand, continue through the village Rosendal to Utåker and take a new ferry to Skånevik. Drive east from Skånevik and find the farm shortly before you hit the highway E-134.
A third option would be to come east on E-134, from Haugesund or possibly from Bergen via Stord on highway E-39.
Route description: Start out uphill from Hustufta next to the field, cross a creek and find an old (tractor) path going left at the upper end of the field. Follow this and cross a fence through a small gate. Turn uphill and look for a faint trail. Higher up, you should have a section of spruce forest on your right and an area with rocks to your left. Follow a trail or just the terrain and go left when practical. You will find a more pronounced trail on the ridge to your left. This trail stays close to the steeper slope towards the lake Stordalsvatnet on your left side as it heads up to Nordleitet (586m). Follow this trail as it continues below the rounded top straight ahead and enters a small valley with a creek. Continue the gentle climb on the left hand side of this creek. Subsequently, the trail shifts into a small valley further left and reaches the distinct saddle area between Dalanuten (788m) and Håfjellet. The mountain is now right in front, hike up a slightly steeper section until the terrain levels off and you will locate the summit a bit further ahead, possibly slightly to the right (north) of your direction as you enter the more level plateau. This route is easy, US class 1.
Comments: This mountain is about as far away as it can get being in Hordaland and given the fact that I live in Bergen. It took me 4.5 hours to drive there, then 4 hours to return. I waited about 40 minutes for the Hardangerfjord ferry (in Bruravik), there was also a short delay in Odda as 5000 people marched in support of the local hospital. I returned via Rosendal, but the road from Gjermundshamn to Mundheim was closed so this route involved a longer and very narrow road on the west side.
I started hiking at 1430, the snow was considerably more difficult to hike than two weeks ago. I kept sinking in most of the way. I was on the summit at 1615, left at 1630 and made it back to the car at 1730. The summit has a very nice view as peaks with large primary factors often do. There is also a solid cairn with a name sign and a guestbook.