• Storenuten
  • 718 m
  • Primary factor 112 m
  • Location: North 60.45336, East 005.76576 (GPS on the summit)
  • Vaksdal, Norway
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Attempted September 26, 2015.
  • climbed April 2., 2017.


How to get there:
Drive E-16 from Bergen and exit right at Vaksdal (immediately after a long tunnel). Drive right, then fork left and go right in a tiny traffic circle. Go through 2 small tunnels, then take the first road left. Shortly thereafter, again make the first possible left fork. You will now see a dirt road running uphill. There is a sign saying that this road may only be used with the permission of the (local) owners. There is parking for one car on the left side, immediately after this sign. Location N60.46527 E005.74517, elevation about 90 meter.
Route description:
Follow the road as it finds its way uphill. There is a sign part way up that directs to a trail if you prefer this to the road. Either way is fine, they meet as they arrive at lake Bogavatnet (467 meter).
Update 2017:
Shortly before the road reaches lake Bogavatnet it makes a sharp and very distinct left turn. This is just after you complete the very steep section of the road that begins just after the road (concrete here) crosses a pretty big creek that cascades down from your left hand side.
Leave the road at this bend and cross the small creek, then head uphill to reach s small plateau (called Neverhaugen), where you find a trail that runs up the main valley on this side. Cross the plateau and aim for the pretty distinct and obvious route that runs up some sort of ramp-like terrain near a small creek. Continue quite steeply uphill to reach the main crest. The summit with the cairn is located a short distance ahead.
I had time for a relatively short hike today. My choice was Storenuten above Vaksdal. I read a short trip report, clearly indicating that this was a less than 3 hour trip. Unfortunately, I did not look at any map, thinking that as long as I found the trailhead, it would be obvious.
Leaving my car at 1240, I headed up the dirt road and soon reached lake Bogavatnet. There, I met a local guy that knew the area. I asked him where the trail to Storefjellet would be. Unfortunately, I said Storefjellet having forgotten that the proper name was Storenuten. Even more unfortunate, there existed a Storefjellet as well, trouble being that this mountain is quite far away compared to Storenuten.
I ascended the first hillside, followed a creek and arrived at a local highpoint. The terrain was now flat with many small lakes, no distinct mountain except far in the hoizon. After quite a bit of walking, I arrived at a trail register called Blåfjellet. I could seee the mountain now, but it looked like walking all the way to the summit and back from here might take another 2 hours that I absolutely did not have to my disposal. I signed the register, then turned back.
On the return hike, it was now easy to see where I should have been. The hike back went well, a nice view downslope to Bogavatnet and the fjord below. I was back at my car at 1445, a total trip time of 3:05, roughly as planned.
Update 2017:
A new attempt on this summit. My previous attempt (see above) ended up hiking in an absolutely wrong direction. I parked at the same spot and started hiking at 1210. Walking up the road, I almost had forgotten how steep it is after crossing the cascading creek. Arriving at the bend, I left the road and crossed the creek. Next followed a rather steep and slippery slope before I connected with the trail that ran across on the small plateau. The next section looked steep, but certainly one could safeguard the route with respect to avalanche danger. I advanced up the slope, partly in snow, partly on snow free terrain. Higher up, I avoided the steep snow and traded it for some slight scramble. Soon, I was on the top plateau and in a couple of more minutes the cairn came into plain view. Arriving there at 1325, so 1:15 up. I stayed around only 5 minutes, then descended along the same route. I was back down by my car at 1420.