• Torfinnshorgi
  • 1343 m
  • Prominence 145 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.54652, East 006.36713 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 20. 2020


How to get there:
The best starting point is at Hornaberg. From Bergen, follow E-16 to Dale, then take the old road to Voss that climbs steeply up Bergsdalen (exit right through the town of Dale). Drive to the north-east end of the large lake Hamlagrøvatnet, then turn right (small paved road) shortly after leaving the lake. Note that if the lake is low (it is part of a hydro power storage basin), then this lake is divided into two lakes. Follow the small road to the east side. There is limited parking near a road fork at location N60.5607, E06.2110, more parking nearby (follow the road along the lake) next to the very easy to see, grey power plant building. This is location N60.55819, E006.21080, elevation about 600 meter.
Note, that an alternative route is to continue on E-16 all the way to Bulken, exit left there following the signed road to Hamlagrø. This road is about the same distance, but of better quality to Bulken. The disadvantage is that you pay toll before reaching Bulken.
Route description:
First, get to the lake Torfinnslake. The trail ascends steeply from Hornaberg climbing near the big pipeline from the lake to the powerplant, the skiing route climbs slightly south of the pipe after crossing under it shortly after the start. Follow the route that ascends the ridge on the north side of the lake to reach more level terrain near location N60.57342, E006.26107, elevation about 1040 meter.
From here, follow the trail or ski nice mountain terrain, generally south-east to near lakes 1243-1246. Ascend the final slopes to reach a very nice summit.
I arrived in the early evening the day before after very nice skiing in the area south of Odda. After a quick breakfast in the car I was on my skis around quarter to eight. The crust was hard and some care was needed to ascend the steep slope on the direct route towards Torfinnsheim. It was a gorgerous morning, no wind and a great view back to lake Hamlagrø and the mountains nearby, I stayed left and continued ascending the ridge north of the lake in nice sunshine.
Upon reaching the plateau, I ran into a small herd of reindeer. They seemed to enjoy the morning just as much as I did myself. After a short break, I continued skiing towards Torfinnshorgi. This is a very nice area and excellent for skiing. Somehow, I stayed a bit too much north. I noticed point 1313 and for a short while believed this to be the summit. I ended up skiing just north of this point then crossing the saddle north of the lakes and skiing south to the summit.
Arriving there at 1050, I made a small bench for resting and some water + chocolate. The landscape was just so pure, nice and silent. A short distance across was the 8 meter higher Hjortahorgi, the highest peak in this entire area and one of only two mountains in Hordaland with prominence exceeding 1000 meter. I climbed it 22 years ago with Pål Jørgen, then only 9 years old.
I finally decided to carry on at 1105, my next goal being Kaldenuten, quite some way from here.