• Myssmørhelje
  • 1072 m.
  • Primary factor 242 meter
  • Location: Fåberg Vestfjell, Norway
  • Location: North 61:07.263, East 010:04.282 (GPS at the summit)
  • A mountain near my hut
  • Highest in Fåberg Vestfjell


How to get there: This mountain lies in Fåberg Vestfjell, west of the Saksumdalen valley and east of the Dokka river.
Route description: We start from our cabin, the first 3km of the trip is fairly flat and takes you passed the lake of Bjørtjern. Then the slope up to the summit becomes more pronounced. It is an easy hike, the mountain can be hiked and skied from all possible directions without difficulty.
Comments: The view from this summit is quite outstanding. On a clear winter day one can see more than 100 km in all directions except where Synnfjellet blocks the view. See the panorama pictures below from December 26. 2004.
The primary factor is defined by the flat meadow north of Kittelbu, reaching an elevation of 830 meter.


Partial list of ascents, many more are not recorded.
1 August 10.1967 With Dad.
2 March 3.1988 With Tor Erling.
3 April 13.1990 With Heidi, Tor Erling and PJ.
4 March 27.1994 With Tor Erling.
5 March 30.1994 With PJ. (His first trip to Nyseter.)
6 March 31.2002 With Heidi, TE and PJ.
7 December 25.2007 With PJ.
8 March 30.2010 With Heidi and PJ.
9 February 28.2011 Ski trip.
10 December 26.2013 Ski trip with PJ.
11 December 29.2013 Ski trip with PJ and Heidi via Nyseter.
12 December 31.2013 Ski trip with PJ and Åke.
13 April 15.2014 Ski trip with PJ.
134March 31.2015 Ski trip with PJ.