• Hjartfjelltinden
  • 1458 m
  • Prominence 911 m
  • Hattfjelldal, Norland, Norway
  • Location: North 65.86170, East 014.37351 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 25. 2021


How to get there:
From Hwy. E-6, turn east towards Hattfjelldal in the small place called Trofors, this is about 35 kilometer south of Mosjøen. In Hattfjelldal, continue Hwy. E-73 towards Sweden, but fork left in Krutå, in order to remain along the shore of lake Røssvatn. Drive this road until it ends at the farm Bakketun. There is a large turn-around place, park near the side. This is location N65.85828, E014.21681, elevation 400 meter.
Route description:
A farm road (closed by snow in winter/spring), forks off right just before the parking area. Ski up right at the side of the Bakketun farm and you will quickly merge with this road. Follow the road gently uphill, then downhill to a place where it turns more left, elevation about 460 meter. Leave the road here, you will cross a meadow. Pick a route more or less directly towards point 729m, you will cross a number of smaller gullies with creeks (frozen in April). Tun slightly below and north of point 729m, and cross Hjartfjelldalen, then continue your climbing traverse and reach the 800 meter level. Continue your traverse along the best line, possibly ascending slightly, to reach a huge, very nice gully that basically runs from near the summit, all the way to the lake. You will have steeper terrain both below and above, elevation near 850m is likely a good goal to shoot for.
Next, ski uphill in this large and wide gully, as you approach the top, bend slightly right and continue to the short, highest summit ridge. The top is a short distance right. Be careful with the south side, it may be corniced and the drop is sheer vertical.
I left Sæterstad after a brief breakfast and drove to the trailhead. Leaving at 0720, the snow was crusty after a cold night. Skiing was easy and I decided to pick a line that went more or less directly to the area of the peak that looked best for ascending. This did involve quite a few smaller ups and downs due to a number of smaller creeks that drains the slope down towards lake Røssvatnet. I made good progress and skied across Hjartfjelldalen, ascending to about 800 meter. From here, one need to traverse in order to reach the nice, big gully that runs up to the summit. This traverse was slightly cumbersome, as the crust was hard and the wide skins on my skis reduced the grip of the ski edge. I was happy when reaching the gully. The rest of the ascent was pure delight, a good layer of soft snow on top of sturdy crust, I was already looking forward to descending!
I arrived at the summit at 1045, so 3:25 up. Good views all around, the peaks in Okstindan winning first price. I took a brief rest and prepared boots and skis for the descent. Leaving at 1100, the skiing back down was just as good as promised. Traversing, now with steel edges, was all easy and then I decided to explore a higher route back, hopefully avoiding all the (small) uphills that I had skied (down) on my ascent route. This worked pretty well, I side-stepped up a small hill in one place, otherwise kept gliding in and outt of the various valley basins, finally coming down a gentle, wide open area connecting with the (now) downhill part of the farm road. A couple of turns while skiing down this road, then stopping next to my car at 1200. A very nice, one hour descent.