• Hjortahorgi
  • 1351 m
  • Primary factor 1103 m
  • South of Voss, Norway
  • Location: North 60:31.671, East 006:21.271
  • September 19. 1998


How to get there: The easiest access is from the DNT hut Torfinnsheim. This hut can be reached from the eastern end of the lake Hamlagrøvatnet which is located along highway 13, the old road connecting Dahle and Voss. Torfinnsheim is a nice, large hut with about 36 beds and the hike there takes about one hour from where we started.
Route description: We hiked along a small path on the west side of Torfinnsvatnet to the hut in the very south of the lake called Blindtarmen (The appendix). From there we ascended slightly north of east and crossed along a rocky ridge with many small ups and downs, to reach the summit cairn. Our return hike went on the east side of Torfinnsvatnet, this is perhaps a more direct route. We hiked right west of Store Torfinnsdalsvatnet, contoured on the west side of Torfinnshorgi and hit the DNT trail between lake 1079 and "Timeglaset". From there, the trail back to Torfinnsheim.
Comments: This hike was done with my son Pål Jørgen 9 years old. We started from Torfinnsheim around 1 PM and caame back to the hut quarter past 9 PM just as darkness came. On the way home we came upon a cairn with a plaque in memory of 4 reindeer hunters that had perished to cold and wind in early September 1950. This is certainly a reminder that the weather in these mountains can change abruptly and turn deadly cold even in the very early September.