• Tinden
  • 982 m
  • Primary factor 109 m
  • Voss, Hordaland.
  • Location: North 60.52726, East 006.55551 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed September 28. 2017
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Starting from Voss, drive through the center of Voss (in the direction of Granvin). Cross the bridge and then turn right followed by forking left. The sign should read "Rong 15". Measure from here. Drive 15.4 kilometer to Rong, proceed straight, then slightly left to locate a self-serve mountain toll road. The sign says (2017) NOK 30 to be left in a metal box.
This road is well maintained and fine for ordinary cars. Continue 5.3 kilometer. Near the end, you fork left and find parking on a small hilltop. The main road continues further. This location is at N60.51788, E006.56201, elevation about 620 meter.

Looking ahead you see a distinct small valley (big gully). The best route ascends the ridge on the right hand side. Walk up to the right of one hut, but keeping left of two other buildings crossing through a gate. You should see a rock structure, the remains of a former building. Exit through a second gate here and locate a small trail heading uphill that is marked with blue paint on the rocks.
This trail ascends the slope, it is marked with a pretty tall cairn near the top. Proceed uphill into the basin that lies above the big gully. A steepish and narrow passage exits uphill, there are some rocks in the upper section, but there are no problems to ascend here. Continue uphill along the path of least resistance, then gradually turn left to gain the upper plateau that will guide you to the summit. The summit is located near the top of some cliffs and is marked by a large cairn.
I left my car at 1400 and (wrongly) picked my way up along the terrain on the left side of the big gully. This also worked, but clearly a more cumbersome route than the one described above. Arriving at the summit by 1445, a rest and some looking around was absolutely in order. It was quite windy on top, as I descended after 10 minutes. I found a better route down, locating the big cairn marking the top of a trail. The descent took 40 minutes as I reached my car by 1535.