• Blåfjellet (Storklumpen)
  • 1293 m
  • Primary factor 981 meter
  • Location: North 65:25.745, East 013:16.027 (GPS on the summit)
  • Helgeland, Norway
  • Climbed September 26th 2003.


How to get there: This mountain is best accessed from Svenningdal, a small community along Hwy E-6, south of Mosjøen. Svenningdal is just north of the intersection where a road goes west from E-6 to Brønnøysund. Cross to the west side of the river and drive north along the railroad about 2 km. Find the place where the railroad (and the road) cross the creek that comes down from the mountain to the west. The railroad bridge is a nice old arc built with stones. Shortly thereafter, there is parking on your right hand side, with a railroad crossing directly opposite on your left. We parked the car here at GPS coordinates N 65:27.283, East 013:23.208 with an elevation reading of 130 meter.
Route description: Cross the railroad and follow a tractor road up the hillside. This track is pretty messy and likely muddy. As it ends, a trail continues climbing the gentle hillside, first with a direction slightly left. Higher up, the trail crosses a few meadows and it is easily lost. However, the general direction is straight up the hill on the right (north) side of the creek. Further along, the terrain becomes flat, with visibility one will see the main ridge of Blåfjellet ahead. This ridge is easily climbed just left of the main creek that comes down from a very distinct saddle on the ridge in front of you. As soon as the ridge is reached at elevation betweem 730 and 750 meter, one cam head south along the ridge. The climb is gentle and is likely quite a good ski in the winter, eventually at about 1290 meter, the summit ridge is starting.
The mountain has a top ridge which is almost level and about 470 meter long, the highest point is in the south end, however, there is also a (smaller) cairn at the north end which is only a few meter lower. The north end of the ridge has GPS coordinates N 65:25.979, E 013:16.269.
Comments: I did this hike with my friend Arnt. The weather forecast was pretty bad and turned out to be accurate. This peak is among the top one hundred in Norway, ranked by primary factor.