• Dukefjellet
  • 835 m
  • Primary factor 111 m
  • Location: Masfjorden, Norway.
  • Location: North 60.94614, East 5.57223 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.
  • Climbed May 18. 2022


How to get there:
Drive E-39 north from Bergen. After a long downhill tunnel, you pass the small (powerplant) place Matre. You next drive uphill through 2 tunnels before descending in a valley towards Haugsvær. Before the final hill you pass a gas station on your left. Continue about 1.3 kilometer beyond this gas station, then take a smaller road that exits left. Follow this road to the bottom, turn right here at a small road signed for Hope.
If you see people, ask about parking, perhaps a bit onwards along the small farm road that continues into the valley. I continued along this road going through 3 gates that should be left the way you find them. (open or closed). Shortly after the 3rd. gate and a short, distinct uphill, I parked on a nice turnout to my left. This location is N60.92677, E005.55239, elevation about 30 meter.

Route description:
Walk the farm road that heads into the valley until it ends. Pass through a gate, then follow a good path uphill among the trees. The trail exits right and climbs to the next flat section on the right hand side. The next climb starts out going up left, then crosses right at the first good opportunity. The trail continues uphill staying right wrt. the valley. This is an old farmers trail, there are nice sections with hand búilt steps. Very nice, most likely quite old. Fork left near the top to access the north end of lake Stemmevatnet. From here, the trail continues nicely climbing to the plaateau named Gavlen. The route crosses over and descends slightly while staying near the highest ridge west of lake Nordgjelsvatnet. Continue until you see an easy (but steepish) passage up left to the plateau extending west and north. Head west, then north to Dukefjellet, the highest point is near the north end of the mountain. A small cairn marks the summit.
I left my car at 0820 and had a nice and partially sunny walk up Hopsdalen. Nice waterfalls, this valley has steep slopes on its side. The trail is unmarked, but easy to follow. The man made steps show the importance of good access to the mountains in previous times.
I arrived at the summit after 2.5 hours. No summit marker, I built a small cairn. The return hike was equally nice, éxcept for some light rain that started when I was about half-way back. The return hike took 2:15.