• Friken
  • 1506 m (East summit)
  • 1503 m (West summit)
  • Primary factor 116 m
  • Location West summit: North 61:25.742, East 008:01.030 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: North of Vettismorki, Jotunheimen, Norway
  • Saddle: Gravløyfti (1380-1400)


How to get there: See the description under Falketind.
Route description: From Ingjerdbu, take the T-marked path north. This trail crosses the river Fleskedøla on a bridge, then climbs the ridge anong birch trees. The trail follows the ridge north, first flat, then a more distinct climb from about 1000 meter of elevation. Leave the trail around 1250 meter and continue along the ridge to the summit.
This route is about 6 km one way from Ingjerdbu, it is quite easy with no difficulties. The view into Utladalen and across to the mountains on the opposite side is very good.
Comments: I did this climb with a group from The Bergen Mountaineering Club (DNT Fjellsport Bergen). After a long day to Falketind the day before, this was a trip to enjoy some views and skiing. We started from Ingjerdbu at 0930, reached the summit cairn at 1230 and returned to the hut at 1345. This time included a good break for lunch at about 1300 meter elevation on the ascent.
It should be noted that the named peak (Friken) as well as the cairn is placed on the 1503 meter west summit, while the highest point is almost 2 km east (somewhat south of east). We did not even see the east summit due to fog and I had not checked the map very carefully in advance. The west summit has a primary factor of about 80 meter to the higher east summit.
The main attraction is certainly the views of Utladalen and Midtmaradalen, and this dictates that the (lower) west summit is visited. One can easily ski by the east summit on the return route.

This was peak number 2 in my T5 trip. Next peak Hjerttinden. Previous peak Jiehkkevarri.