Folgefonnen (South)

  • Folgefonnen (South Summit)
  • 1662 m
  • Primary factor 1233 m
  • Highest point on the Folgefonnen glacier
  • Location: North 60:03.943, East 006:23.352
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.
  • Climbed in May 1998.


How to get there: We drove to the Hardanger fjord and took the ferry across to Rosendal. From here, we continued south and subsequently turned left (east) and followed a road built in connection with hydro electric power plant constructions. This road climbs to some (dammed) lakes and passes through a tunnel just before it ends. We parked at a turnout near the end of the road.
Route description: The route climbs steeply between some rugged mountains and enters the glacier mid-way up one of its southern fingers. From here the route climbs, gradually levelling off until one passes the highest point. We continued skiing to the DNT self serve hut called Holmaskjaer.
The next morning, we continued skiing off the southern glacier and into the fairly deep and distinct valley that separates the southern and the northern glacier. The initial climb up on the northern glacier was a bit steeper and the snow conditions were poor. After the crossing of the northern glacier we turned back and skied to the DNT self serve hut called Fonnabu. This hut is on the southern glacier further west, overlooking the terrain above Rosendal.
Comments: I did this ski tour with my Ph.D. student Eero Vainikko from Estonia. We had intended to ski the entire glacier (first south then north), but upon the discovery that there was no convenient way to hitch hike back to the car we turned around after reaching the highest point on the north glacier and skied back to the car. Thus, we did a double crossing, first from south to north, then from north to south. We had dense fog on our return ski across the south glacier.