• Nylsfjellet
  • 1018 m
  • Primary factor 228 meter
  • Location: North 61.04885, East 009.9924761 (GPS at the summit)
  • Torpa, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed April 20. 2014.


How to get there:
Locate the village Dokka at the north end of the big (very long) lake Randsfjorden. From Dokka, follow the road that has signs for Lillehammer (Vingrom). Before this road crosses over towards Vingrom, a road forks left signed for Synnfjorden or Spåtind Hotel. Take this road and locate a local toll road that forks right about 8 kilometer before you get to the hotel. This road serves a local mountain farm named Oytjørnsætra above the river Dokka. Consult the local map 1817-III, Follebu. From this road or from the Oytjørnsætra, this mountain is within easy reach.
Route description:
From the trailhead outlined above, just head more or less straight uphill. The above timberline part of this mountain has a few, small local tops. The highest point with a cairn is to the southeast. Another top, only one meter lower, is located to the northwest.
From our mountain cabin as well as viewed from our local mountain Prestkjerringa, Nylsfjellet seemed well separated from us by the deep Dokka valley. Its steep hillside with trees, having only its very top above timberline, looked unattractive. However, this Easter, as I looked at my maps, I realized that one could ski to Nylsfjellet by first following our standard route towards Spåtind, then turning south, just south of Skjervungen and ski via the prominence saddle to Nylsfjellet.
This would be the third time this Easter that Pål Jørgen and I would cross Dokka. It looks more complex than it is and by now, we had a pretty good route through the broken ice. Easter Sunday came with the same warm, stable weather as the previous days. Pål Jørgen and I started out one hour later than two days ago, at 0852. We were at Blæstern about 8 minutes slower than last Friday. We skied to the main ski-track south of Skjervungen in 2 hours. There, turning south, it took us another 1:20 to reach the cairn on Nylsfjellet. On the way up, we got a good view of the entire Dokka reservoir. Beautiful weather, nice crusty surface to ski on. The day was really a perfect Easter ski day.
We rested for 30 minutes, taking some pictures around from this, new viewpoint. Prestkjerringa looks pretty distant from here. We also had a good view of Spåtind where we skied on Friday. The Åltjern area was visible as a large white spot in the forest. (A triangle in the center of the picture.) Our cabin is indeed visible when zooming in on this picture. The return ski trip was equally nice, the hot weather did reduce our average speed a bit. We were back home at 1630, a perfect end to a very nice Easter vacation.