• Snøhornet
  • 1309 m
  • Primary factor 716 m
  • Location: , Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Location: North 62:06.755, East 006:16.476 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed February 11, 2012


How to get there:
This mountain is located near Volda, that is south-east along the new Hwy. E-39 on the north side of Austfjorden. Shortly after Hwy. 43 branches sharply left, the road approaches a tunnel, do not drive this tunnel, but take the (old) road that branches right. You should see parking opportunities near the place where this road curves left, location N62:05.107, E006:15.316, elevation about 110 meter.

Route description:
From the curve on the road (parking) continue along the main road and walk by a house on your left hand side. Slightly further (downhill), a forest road runs uphill to your left. Take this road and follow it until near its end. From there, an old (summer) path continues uphill. Ascend more or less directly uphill following the most natural line. This part is steep and can be somewhat cumbersome. Higher up, you pass near Litlesætra, the route now turns right and heads up a small valley with steeper cliffs on the uphill (left) side. Continue uphill, then more horizontally, before a steeper pitch (left) brings you up to the summer farm called Årsetsætra at about 545 meter, location N62:05.720, E006:16.304.
From here, head uphill across or around a small local hill, then up the main mountain slope, find your way, first right, then a long ascending traverse left will bring you to a somewhat more level area. From here, ascend while going right then on an easier slope uphill to gain the main ridge. Finally, follow the main ridge, first uphill, then almost horizontally to the cairn located at the very end of the top ridge.
Also see the good description by Arnt Flatmo.
I was fortunate to be able to visit Arnt Flatmo this weekend. The forecast was not good, but at least the wind was supposed to be rather weak. We drove from Arnt's house on Gurskøya and parked at the trailhead around 1000. By 1015 we were on skis through rather messy terrain (trees, but not much snow). We emerged on a forest road (that one really should take from the main road!), then followed this further uphill. The next section was steep, good to use skins under the skis here.
We arrived at Årsetsætra at 1140, time to put on a jacket before starting up the main mountain slope. Skiing was pretty good, not much ice and we reached a small plateau where a cornice had formed facing uphill. With fog and poor visibility, Arnt skied close to the edge and the whole thing collapsed in the uphill direction. Big blocks of snow, a sign that the newly wind accumulated snow was pretty unstable. We continued uphill and made the main ridge. This ridge was easy to follow, but the snow was slightly more icy higher up. Thus, we continued on foot climbing slightly more than 100 (vertical) meter. The top ridge was essentially completely flat, in white-out conditions, as we used our GPS units in order to stay well on the left side when walking towards the summit cairn. Arriving at 1340, we did not stay long since the weather was noninviting. We returned to the skis and skied down along the same route as we had ascended until the visibility improved. The descent was nice, but the steeper section down among the trees had to be negotiated on foot. We returned to the car at 1530, nice to be able to travel back home to Arnt's house.
Many thanks are due to Arnt for his expert choice of mountain as well as unlimited patience with a slow skier.