West of Ellingwood

  • West of Ellingwood
  • 3993 m.
  • Colorado, Sangre de Cristo Range
  • Primary factor 85 m
  • Climbed June 12, 2001


How to get there: The starting point is Lake Como. See the description under Blanca Peak
Route description: We followed the trail from Lake Como towards Blanca Peak, first along the jeep road, thereafter the trail up to about 3820 meter, this is after Blue Lake and up the steeper trail until it reaches a new, more level area.
From here, climb the lowest saddle on the west ridge from Ellingwood Point on ledges ascending east (to the right). Instead of climbing Ellingwood Point via this ridge (going right), scramble west (left) along the ridge. The ridge is narrow and sometimes one may need to drop a little below the ridge on the south side. The ridge first climbs to a local summit, then drops to a notch, before rising via several smaller summits to its highest point about 2.5 km west of Ellingwood Point and almost straight north of Lake Como.
We descended to a point west of Blue Lake, this route was characterized by loose rocks and a cliff band, not at all pleasant.
Comments: This mountain has a "soft" rank. Both the summit and the lowest connecting saddle with Ellingwood point has been interpolated from the map. The lowest contour that does not go through this saddle is 12800 feet, the highest contour that circles the summit is at 13080 feet. With 40 feet contours, the primary factor can be anywhere between 240 feet and 320 feet, with 280 feet (85 meter) being the interpolated value.
There is a lower summit further east on the ridge with a cairn, however there was no cairn on this (highest) summit. We built a small cairn before leaving, a Colorado first ascent?