Mount Adams

  • Mount Adams
  • 3751 m
  • Primary factor 2474 m
  • Washington, USA
  • Climbed on Memorial Day, May 1989.


How to get there: From Portland, Oregon, drive along the Columbia river to the proper intersection heading north towards Mt. Adams (use a road map). There is a ranger station where one obtains a mountain permit.
Route description: From the ranger station one can continue a bit along the road. Then hike straight up the mountain to about treeline. From here the route essentially continues up, one can pretty much go anywhere (at least this holds in winter/spring).
Comments: We skied from a snowbank closing the road to further progress by car and up to about treeline fairly late on a Friday evening. The next morning, this was Memorial Weekend, we skied in light snow drizzle and overcast up through the clouds and into clear skies and beautiful sunshine. The run back down is one of the longer ski runs one can find, from the summit and all the way to the car.