• Alvaldsnuten
  • 1245 m
  • Primary factor 445 meter
  • Location: North 59.86568, East 006.22773 (GPS on the summit)
  • Kvinnherad, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed June 9. 2021.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive to Gjermundshamn and take the ferry across to Årsnes. Turn right and drive through the small village of Rosendal. A few kilomter after Rosendal, turn left onto the roaad signed for Åkra. After about 10 kilometer on this road, turn left onto a smaller road having signs for ski area. Continue along the main branch of this road up the valley. North of Brandvikvatnet at elevation near 625 meter, turn right and descend into the valley before climbing back out on the oppossite side. Follow this road until it ends with good parking. This location is N59.88662, E006.18520, elevation about 730 meter.
Route description:
Take the trail that starts at the parking (signed for Eikemo). Cross a narrow passage in the lake, the trail forks marked with a wooden pole and a sign saaying Alvaldsnuten. Take this (right) fork and follow the trail as it curves around the east side of the lake, then crosses a couple of creeks. Leave the trail here and head gently uphill directly south. Stay below the steeper terrain on your left, but continue to gain elevation as you turn into the pretty distinct valley with two small lakes at elevation near 960 meter. Continue up and into the more narrow section of the valley and proceed up the large slope above lake 1020m. From the top of this slope, the remaining distance to the summit is quite short. There is a nice cairn near the steeper part overlooking the fjord Åkrafjord, Note that the highest point is located about 20 meter away from this cairn.
I had a nice drive from Bergen. The road to the trailhead had melted out (almost). Very nice summer weather in the past week musst have contributed. It is likely that I was one of the first to drive to the end of this road in 2021.
I started at 0920 and followwed the trail as it curved around the lake. It certainly did not look like it would lead to the summit, I therefore left the trail and headed gently uphill to locate the distinct valley that connects up to lake 1020. Snow on the ground from here and all the way to the summit. I arrived after 1:55, at 1115.
Very good view all around. The view to the Åkrafjorden perhaaps the best. After 10 minutes I descended back down towards the lake, then followed my route of ascent back. I was essentially back down in 1:10. There was certainly time to also climb Bl&aaring;dalshorga. I walked across only to find that the lake went all the way to a vertical cliff. After a small detour, I headed up the big grass slope.