• Strandtindan
  • 1173 m
  • Prominence 843 meter
  • Location: North 66.39733, East 013.24665 (GPS on the summit)
  • Lurøy, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed September 15. 2021.


How to get there:
A good point of reference is Mo i Rana. Take Hwy. 810 west from Mo i Rana. When you meet Hwy 17, turn right (direction Bodø). Continue on Hwy. 17 to Stokkv˚gen. From Stokkv˚gen, continue another 11 kilometer along Hwy. 17, then look for a smaller road that forks right and climbs uphill. This road serves lake Vassvatnet, drive along this lake and find parking on your right just before a small bridge. This location is N66.39143, E013.18221, elevation about 110 meter.
Route description:
Cross the bridge and continue along the road until just before the first house. There is a big information sign on your left. Follow a small trail marked with sticks, uphill just left of the house. Higher up, it may be difficult to follow this trail. Bear right and ascent a large open field. Near the upper end of this field there is a wooden reinforcement of the sheep fence, that may be used to climb across. A clear trail starts on the upper side of this fence. Follow this trail to the first lake. The trail continues around this lake on the left. It climbs a bit before hitting the upper side. A vague trail continues, descending slightly as it finds its way to the south end of the middle lake. Next, one should climb to the third lake. The direct line crosses a couple of areas with not so good to walk rocks. It is likely better to ascend the hill south of the lake, then contour left just under the cliffs. From here, one may traverse (left) and gain the third lake. Continue ascending very gently towards the inner part of the valley. Follow grassy areas as you gradually ascend the lower slopes of Strandtindan. When you run out of grass continue uphill, then slightly right on rocks until you gain the main south-east ridge. Follow this while staying a bit to the left of the ridge line. There are spots without rocks. This will lead easily to the summit.
I arrived at Mo i Rana by air from Bergen, Tuesday evening. A short drive and hike and I was back at Reinfjellhytta where I also spent some good time skiing at the end of April.
I got up around 0630, breakfast with egg and bacon, however no frying pan anywhere? The day looked really good and I enjoyed the scenery while driving to the trailhead.
I started walking at 0915, lost the trail, then recovered it at the reinforced fence crossing. I soon noticed a helicopter carry loads up towards the lower lake. I made a small detour to give it a closer look, but it was not at all easy to see what this project was all about. Most likely, some small scale hydro power project.
Strandtindan was looking good in the sunshine, I looked across to Liatinden, the summits certainly looked challenging from this angle of view. I continued around the lake on a fairly good trail. Arriving at the second lake, I was a bit undecided about how to proceed. A pretty big area with boulders that looked uninviting. One could circumvent by climbing high, thn traverse left. I decided to fight the boulders. This was not a great idea, slippery and cumbersome. I decided to use the alternative on descent.
I continued up into the end of the valley and the foot of my peak. From here, I first went uphill towards the summit, then curved right and gained the main ridge. From here, the rocks were pretty decent and it worked well to ascend somewhat left of this ridge. At the higher part of this climb, I ran into fresh snow. I arrived at the summit at 1245.