Store Forra

  • Store Forra
  • 1157 m
  • Primary factor 776 meter
  • Location: North 67.92432, East 015.62043 (GPS at the summit)
  • Steigen, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 3
  • Climbed July 4. 2021.


How to get there:
Steigen is connected to the rest of Norway via an 8 kilometer long tunnel. Drive through this tunnel, continue about one kilometer after you exit, find parking where a small dirt road forks right. This location is N67.94782, E015.65804, elevation about 33 meter.
Route description:
Contine along the main road in order to cross the river. Walk south on soft meadows, passsing between 2 small ponds. Continue into the valley and ascend gradually left after turning the distinct ridge that comes down on your left side. Locate a pretty open, but steep uphill slope (going sosuth-east). Climb this to about 350 meter of elevation. When uphill progress gets more complex, angle right and continue an ascending traverse along fairly easy terrain, that will get you to a nice plateau area just below the waterfalls. From here, you will immediately see an obvious ramp climbing east. This will bring you to the north side of lake 620m. A few cains mark the upper part of this passage. Continue east to reach the north end of the smaller lake at elevation 768m. One may proceed on either side of this lake, going south on the east side was clearly preferable in early July. At the south end, make another big turn to your right, ascending south of a long, distinct cliff band that generally blocks passage. Higher up, in the bowl below the peak, there is continuous snow in July. Ascend towards the upper, east ridge of the peak. The snow slopes get somewhat steeper just before you complete this traverse, an ice axe may be good to carry. The entry point on the ridge is marked with a cairn. Finally, scramble up the ridge (easy YDS class 3), to reach a very nice summit.
I started around 0815. The day promised to be gorgeous. This entire hike was pure delight, perhaps in particular, the fairly extensive part on snow, from lake 768 and all the way to the final summit ridge. Summer snow may be hard and should never be taken lightly, I recommend to take an ice axe along for added safety. The final scramble was fun and I arrived on summit after roughly 4 hours, including numerous short breaks for drinking water (from many streams). It was a hot day and I got more thirsty than normal.
Super views in all directions. I could easily see the 3 previous peaks climbed. Storvasstinden to the south. Next, Hatten very characteristic in the south-west. Finally, Vågsfjellet to the north-west. The long jagged Lofoten horizon clearly visible in the distance. I enjoyed the summit for more than 30 minutes before descending. The return hike went smoothly along the same route, back down by the car in about 3 hours, also now with several stops to drink the pure and cold water from the streams.
This climb is highly recommended.