Gorda Peak

  • Gorda Peak
  • 457 m
  • Primary factor 457 m
  • Highest on Virgin Gorda
  • British Virgin Islands, Caribbean
  • Location: North 18:29.151, West 64:24.233
  • Climbed December 5, 2002.


How to get there: The island Virgin Gorda is part of the British Virgin Islands. The perhaps easiest access is by boat from Tortola, or more precisely, the airport at Beef Island. This airport has many international flights, we came with American Airlines via San Juan on Puerto Rico.
Route description: There seem to be three trails, all converging near the summit. One comes from the west side, then there are two starting from the (only) highway that traverses the hill from south to north while staying east of the main crest. The trails are easy to hike and there is a small tower on the summit providing a view above the otherwise quite dense vegetation.
Comments: I made this hike with my family, Heidi and Pål Jørgen. We were headed back for the boat trip to Biras Creek, having spent most of the day at the famous "Bath" area on the southern tip of the island.