Mount Marcy

  • Mount Marcy
  • 1630 m.
  • Prominence: 1498 m.
  • In the Andirondacks, New York
  • Highest in New York
  • Location: North 44:06.750, West 73:55.433
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed in October 1980.


How to get there: The Andirondacks is north of New York. There are several possible trailheads. We started from the Heart Lake trailhead, south of Lake Placid, elevation 664 meter.
the approach to a trailhead and complete this..
Route description: Starting pretty late from Heart Lake, we camped in a small shelter along the trail west of Mount Colden (1437m). We had a fairly long hike in mostly flat terrain with forest and a few lakes before coming to the base of the mountain. The standard approach is up on the south-west side. We had a good trail all the way. One of the nice features of this hike is the fact that Mount Marcy does rise out of and above the trees. There are absolutely no difficulties aside from the length of the hike, we may have picked a longer approach than strictly neccessary.
Comments: I did this hike with Heidi and my friend Eric. We did have a good view from the summit.