• skrommelnebba
  • 1548 m
  • Primary factor 590 m
  • Location: North 62.68816, East 008.33139 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed 4. July 2020.


How to get there:
A good point of reference is the town of Sunndalsøra. You can get there on Hwy. 70 from the town of Oppdal, located about 100 kilometer south of Trondheim on E-6.
From Sunndalsøra, drive Hwy. 62 towards Åndalsnes. You first pass through a long tunnel to Øksendal, continue about 7.5 kilometer from Øksendal to Jordal and make a left turn before you cross the river. Drive up this road. At a fork, first stay left, then very shortly, keep right. This road is a toll road (self serve). Continue uphill, at about 300 meter of elevation, the main road forks right and crosses the river to an area of recreational mountain cabins. Do not go there, but take the left fork. Continue uphill on this road and locate parking off the road on your left hand side at location N62.72195, E008.31064, elevation about 570 meter. Park here, this is a good starting location.
Route description:
Hike directly uphill on a meadow, try to follow open areas through some birch trees higher up to reach the main ridge line. Turn more right and follow the main ridge. There is a slightly steeper step ahead that can be overcome on the left side (looking uphill). Next, follows a fairly gentle section, one may see 3 summits up ahead, the highest summit, Skrommelnebba, is the last one.
It is best to stay close to the main ridge for the last kilometer, traversing the two summits before the final top. There is not much loss of elevation. The terrain is fairly rough with large boulders. Pick your route, there are many smaller variations. The summit has a summit register and a fairly good sized cairn.
I arrived in the evening and decided to sleep just outside of my parked car. The next morning, I left early at 0430. The morning was gorgeous and I had a very nice hike uphill along the main crest. Unfortunately, it had snowed the previous days and 5-10 cm of new snow covered the rocks at the upper part of the ridge. I arrived at the summit at 0800. Good views and a well deserved rest.
Leaving after 20 minutes, it took me a full one hour to descend the steeper part to where I had left my walking poles on ascent. The new snow made it slippery and I moved slowly to avoid any mishap.
Back at my car shortly after 1100. The climb had taken 6.5 hours. I now started driving to Trondheim in order to visit my friend Jostein.