• Storgjelsknausen
  • 275 m
  • Prominence 275 m
  • Location: North 60.67992, East 005.58445 (GPS).
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed May 14. 2022.


How to get there:
This peak is on an island. One need to organize transport by boat. The ideal starting point is Vikaneset.
From Bergen, drive north on E-39, passing through Knarvik. Drive through the near 5 kilometer long tunnel called Eikefet. Next, pass through 4 shorter tunnels, but NOT the 5th. Pay attention as the distance between tunnel 4 and 5 is relatively short. Exit right, then turn right again. You are now in an area where there is parking, as well as good facilities for leaving by boat. This location is near N60.69933, E005.58783.
If you need assistance to rent boat transport, try contacting Malvin Toft at 91304910.
By boat, go south to the small bay at location N60.68840, E5.58546, on the north-east side of the island Paddøy.
Route description:
Locate a small trail that runs south-west, initially close to the shoreline. This trail turns uphill to gain the well defined col near location N60.68859, 5.58288, elevation about 34 meter. Here, the trail turns more south in order to follow/climb the main crest. You will next come to a fairly well defined trail fork. This is not very far from location N60.6843, E005.5813, elevation around 170 meter. Take the left fork, it will now traverse on the east side of the main crest in order to access a distinct ravine named Storgjela, that cuts across the main island ridge. This trail is a bit rough (YDS class 2), but fairly obvious. Enter the ravine and follow it uphill until another pretty obvious exit (before reaching the col) appears on your left. Continue up here and follow what is a pretty obvious route to the summit. The trail is more vague in this final section, but there are several (smaller) variations. The highest point is among trees, marked by a single rock.
This trip was organized together with my friend Fredrik. He had a boat that we could take along on a trailer. The plan was to climb the highest point on the island Paddøy as well as the two points on neighbor island Hokøy having more than 100 meter of prominence.
We left Bergen around 0900 and arrived at Vikaneset shortly after 1000. The launching of the boat went according to plan and the first, short trip by Fredrik's boat started. We found a good place to anchor and started hiking around 1030.
We had no problems to follow the trail and arrived on top around 1110. The terrain with the deep cut called Storgjela, was indeed interesting. Returning the same way, we next used the boat to go south around to the point called Pynten on the island of Hokøy. The ascent there was considerably shorter. Pretty good views across the fjord going south.
The next and final stop was at the old farm Liabakken. Very nice place. There were sheep with lambs here. The mother sheeps certainly would like a "hair-cut" before a warm summer. The ascent was straightforward, we arrived on top around 1335. After spending about 10 minutes visiting the two competing high points, we returned to the boat.
Returning to Vikaneset by 1420, we again had no issues with getting the boat from the water to the trailer. I was back home shortly before 1600. Big thanks to Fredrik for good company and for supplying the critical boat needed to complete this mission.