• Haugane
  • 1208 m
  • Primary factor 158 m
  • Location: North N60.52661, E06.26281 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: Voss, Norway
  • Attempted November 27. 2016.
  • Climbed April 20. 2020.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.


How to get there:
This trip starts from the large lake Hamlagrøvatnet at about 590 meter of elevation. From Bergen, the fastest route is to drive towards Voss on E-16, then turn off the Hwy. at Bulken and follow the smaller road to Svortevatnet (elev. 617 m), before making a left turn and follow signs for Hornaberg.
Continue along the lake until you arrive in front of a powerplant. Park here, location N60.55804, E006.21077, elevation about 595 meter.
Route description:
First, follow the road a bit further along the lake. Just before a small bridge, another small (mountain) road is forking sharply left and going uphill. Follow this road up to about 770 meter where it sort of runs out. Continue uphill crossing the shoulder at about 840 meter that connects to the mountain Skorane (1045 m). Descend slightly as you cross the small valley Kvålsdalen. There are several buildings here. Continue across the south side of the two small lakes, then climb pretty much the north slope of Songrøfjellet. Descend about 50 (vertical) meter, then climb the ridge called Haugane. There are two summits. According to the map, the one to the south is one meter higher than the north summit.
I left my car at 1215 and walked a few hundred meter along the road to the point near a small river where one mountain road forks left and heads directly uphill. This road had a good snow cover, the first skiing this season could start. The snow had a solid crust, but many steps and tracks revealed that the conditions had been very different the day before. Crossing to Kvålsdalen was easy. I carefully checked that the ice on the two small lakes were safe, then proceeded across. The final slope har hard crust and it took some effort to climb it.
I left my skis about 10 meter from the summit point and walked easily up there. From here, it was easy to see that this summit connected to higher terrain, however time was up and I needed to return in order to make a reasonable return back to Bergen. It had taken me 1:50 to get here. After a 10 minute break, I started downhill. The skiing was not great, the snow surface was just too hard. I was back at my car after one hour, at 1515.
April 20. 2020:
This time, I came directly from Vetlekaldenuten, that is from the opposite direction. Ascending an easy slope, I arrived directly at the highest summit. The competing, 1207 meter summit, was on my way home, so no reason for not paying a visit there as well. Arriving at 1505, this was my last summit (number 4) this day.