• Shirane
  • 2578 m
  • Primary factor 1613 m
  • Japan
  • Location: North 36.79859, East 139.37589 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed June 30. 2015.


How to get there:
Locate HWy. 17, near Gunma, this is west of the peak, or Utsunomiya east of the peak. The key Hwy. to get on is Hwy. 120. This Hwy. runs across a high pass just north of the mountain. There are trails from the resort area Nikko, east of the peak, however, the easiest approach is from the north-west at Marunumakogen ski area. There are big signs along the Hwy. and the base of this ski area can be seen from Hwy. 120.
The parking area at the base of the lifts is located at N36.81607, E139.32935, elevation about 1400 meter. Buy tickets for the lift and take it to the top station located at N36.80670, E139.35522, with elevation just above 2000 meter.
Here is a quick reference and summary of climbs in the summer of 2015.
Route description:
When you exit the small ski-lift gondola cabins (each seats 4), head around the buildings (on the right) and towards the peak that may be seen directly uphill. Pass through a gate, then locate a black iron gate that you also go through. Take the wide path that heads slightly right. There are many signs, you should walk in the direction of point 5, passing point 2 along the way. The trail then does an ascending traverse going right (when facing uphill) until it abruptly exits the trees and gets into the open. You are now quite close to the summit, a few zig-zag turns on the trail before a final uphill pitch and that is all. The summit is marked with a sign.
There are a few small, local tops around, one looks almost as high as the main summit.

The evening before, we had driven across the mountain pass to the resort area Nikko and stayed overnight at Nikko Lakeside hotel. We were not aware of this route until that evening. Thus, the next morning we drove back across the mountain and parked at the base of the ski area.
Taking a small, 4 person gondola up, we were at the top station shortly after 0900. We started walking at 0910 and arrived at the summit at 1025.
We left the summit at 1045 and walked across to the other high point, then proceeded along a marked trail that descended more steeply directly downslope such that we had a small lake down on our right hand side. This trail ended in a 4-way trail fork at the base of the mountain. We took the left branch that led us down a smallish valley and eventually back down to the area identified as 5 on the local trail maps. From here, we followed our uphill route back to the top station, arriving there at 1200 - noon.