Vestre Høgtuva

  • Vestre Høgtuva
  • 1294 m
  • Prominence 913 meter
  • Location: North 66.43896, East 013.65142 (GPS on the summit)
  • Rana, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed August 14. 2021.


How to get there:
Locate Melfjorden directly (33 km) north-west of Mo i Rana. Drive the road that serves Melfjordbotn, the small community at the innermost part of Melfjorden. Continue until the road curves right and soon reaches its highest point. Find a meeting place and park in such a way that the spot may still be used by traffic. A good spot is at location N66.46641, E013.77057, elevation about 360 meter.
Route description:
Descend to the first river that connects several small ponds. Under dry conditions one may find a way across, otherwise one should ford this river. Continue roughly along a line that runs directly to the summit. You will soon arrive at a second river, the main river draining the valley. Fording this river should not be problematic, the best spot is likely near location N66.462, E13.732 where the river flows across a pretty flat area.
Continue uphill, one may avoid most rocky areas, first by following gras, later there is quite a bit of smooth rock surfaces, very nice to walk when dry. In fact, higher the best ascent may be carried out (dry conditions) by walking on smooth surface rock, keep well to the right hand side of some smaller creeks coming down, the slope is less steep as one move further right.
Above the first (slightly steeper) step, one is likely to get onto snow. The slopes are gentle, one may follow this all the way to the main crest just east of the final summit ridge, near point 1238m. From here, follow the main ridge to the summit. There is a nice ramp/ledge going parallel with the highest ridge, along the left (south) side. This is easy to follow and runs all the way "around the corner", with short and easy finish to the highest point. The summit does not have a proper cairn, it is marked with only a couple of rocks.
Jostein and I drove from Hattfjelldal. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we decided to climb the highest point above the Høgtuva glacier - Vestre Høgtuva, at 1294 m.
We started at 1140 and easily crossed the first creek-system without touching any water. Dry weather had caused rather small rivers this summer. However, when we came to the main river draining the valley, it was clear that it needed fording. I carefully stepped (barefoot) onto some smooth rock, only to discover that it was more slippery than polished ice! No way to cross here. We walked a bit down stream to find a place where the rocks were just medium sized and much better to walk across.
The walking was easy and we soon ascended on smooth rock to the next step uphill where we would meet snow. The views north became only better and better. After reaching the main crest, we followed a distinct (black) ledge that ran below the ridgeline and connected nicely to the main summit. Arriving at 1615, we lingered until 1640 and made our return hike along roughly the same line, back at the car by 2000.