• Skorafjellet
  • 821 m
  • Primary factor 103 m
  • Location North 60.31969, East 005.75428 (GPS on the summit)
  • Vaksdal, Norway
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed November 7, 2015.


How to get there:
Drive E-16 from Bergen to the traffic circle at Trengereid. Go right here on Hwy. 7 towards Hardanger. When you exit the tunnel near Tysse, go right in the traffic circle on Hwy 48 direction Eikelandsosen. There is a long tunnel, then the road starts climbing. After reaching the highest point pay attention as you should take a small farm-road left before you reach the lake Sævellavatnet. The location is approximately N60.3358, E005.6904. This road is a toll road (self serve NOK 40 in 2015), the toll is paid about 800 meter after you enter this small road. Drive this small road 3.1 kilometer. You will then be at a fork where the right fork crosses over a small bridge. Drive across and find parking on your left hand side almost immediately. The road continues, but gets more rough. This parking area is at location N60.32488 E005.72338, elevation about 250 meter.
Route description:
Follow the road in the beginning. You will get near lake Breivatnet, observe a red hut located near the shore of this lake. Walk towards this hut and cross the river on good stepping stones where the river meets the lake. Follow a clear trail that runs further from the hut- This trail partially follows/crosses some meadows then hits an old forest road, that turns the lower end of a ridge. Follow this road right, then go straight uphill along the road, ignoring a small fork towards the creek. Follow the old road uphill until it runs flat in a local col.
From here, leave the road and head directly uphill. The going is easy and you will soon be above the treeline. There are several options, I headed more or less directly uphill, crossing a more gentle patch, then ascending while following grass between the rocky areas. The summit is marked with a very small rock marker.
I started out around 1240 and talked briefly to a couple that very busy getting the boat out of the lake near the red hut. The trail and the old forest road was easy to follow. I arrived at Skorafjellet at 1400. The small peak further inland looked almost as high, but I felt certain that I had arrived at the right summit. After 15 minutes, I headed down to the narrow valley separating Skorafjellet from Fossabotsnakkane. The terrain was quite easy, but overall, november condition - very slippery! Mild weather, so no ice, but mud, grass and rocks were all surprisingly slippery. I fell, sideways, more times than in recent memory. I arrived at the highest point with more fog than on Skorafjellet around 1500. After a short break, I headed back down to the valley separating the two peaks. From there, I partially followed a small trail, then headed directly downhill with the creek slightly more left. This was perhaps not ideal, quite steepish and slippery. I was back at my car at 1630, one could sense that darkness would come pretty soon.