• Strengen
  • 890 m
  • Primary factor 747 m
  • Nordmøre, Norway
  • Location: North 62.92611, East 008.55162 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed June 23, 2013.


How to get there:
Locate Hwy. 670 heading south from Surnadalsøra, direction to Sunndalsøra. (This area is south-east of the coastal city Kristiansund.) Drive this way until you arrive at the intersection where Hwy. 671 forks left to Todalen. Measure from here. Continue 4.9 kilometer along Hwy. 670, then turn right on a smaller, paved road. The sign says Vang Skiarena and Golf. Continue along this road another 2.7 kilometer until kilometer 7.6. There is a small area to park on your right hand side, as well as a sign saying Strengen. Park here, this is the trailheaad, location N62.90620, E008.53401, elevation about 170 meter.
Route description:
The trail starts out on an old forest road. This trail is marked with blue paint as well as several wooden signs. It runs up the forest hillside, pass a nice hut near the tree line, then continues up the mountain slopes in two sections. There is a tower on the summit ridge, while the cairn and highest point is slightly further along.
I had climbed Indre Sula in the morning, but had ample time to make a visit to this fine viewpoint before heading back to Kristiansund. I started out at 1350 and enjoyed the very nice trail that gradually brought me higher. Before leaving the trees behind, there was even a small pipe serving drinking water, equipped with a drinking cup on a nearby stick! The trail was nicely prepared all the way, often with stepping stones across wetter sections etc. I overtook a local lady with her dachs dog near the summit. She had ascended from Stangvik, an alternative route. It was her climb number 7 this summer. Arriving at 1505, I rested 10 minutes and talked a bit with the woman. When the dog decided not to start descending, the scene reminded me a bit of many trips with Arnt and his dog Troll, however, to carry the dog was not an option here. I wished her godbye and walked down at a slightly higher pace arriving at the car at 1605.
This was the last hike in this area on this trip. With the nice and sunny weather that was not forecasted, this trip was quite a good one. 5 peaks in 3 days and a very nice stay at Todalshytta. I drove back to Kristiansund for an early morning flight back to Bergen.