• Viromkjerringa/Øyakjerringa
  • 1374 m.
  • Primary factor 664 m
  • Location: North 62.77640, East 008.62448 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed June 22 2013.


How to get there:
Note: The easiest approach is from Ålvundeidet (north of Sunndalsøra on Hwy. 70), locate the ski lift at Valset, and follow the trail that runs to the col between Viromkjerringa and Grånebba, ascend to the ridge directly from the west, then use the same final approach as described here.

The approach described here is using the nice hut Todalshytta as its starting point. Locate Hwy. 670 heading south from Surnadalsøra, direction to Sunndalsøra. (This area is south-east of the coastal city Kristiansund.) Drive this way until you arrive at the intersection where Hwy. 671 forks left to Todalen. Measure from here. Drive 13.9 kilometer, then turn right at the road fork. At kilometer 14.6, make a left (up the valley), then locate a small road going right at kilometer 17.1. Turn sharply right again and drive 200 meter uphill to Todalshytta, parking on the upper side of the building.
Instead of going right to Todalshytta, one may turn left (at the same fork) and drive about 2 kilometer uphill to a small parking area where there is a big sign telling that the trail to Innerdalen forks right. This location is N62.79523, E008.72814, elevation about 180 meter.
Note: A somewhat shorter route would be to start a bit lower in Todalen (near Ørsalen) and follow a trail up to the summer farm location called Ørsalsetra.
Route description:
From the parking, take the right fork with signs for Innerdalen. Pretty soon, turn right and cross a narrow walkway. That is, follow the red (T-marked) path. The route ascends on the left side of the creek named Raudåa and arrives at a small hut located on top of a steeper section. There is a bridge next to the hut, cross the creek here. The trail continues uphill (this is a better trail than the T-marked that continues uphill on the left side of the creek.) This trail will lead to the old summer farm called Øyasetra.
The route will cross two big creeks, Haukåa and another Raudåa. There may be some bridges or easier spots to cross, however, I did not locate this.
The route now traverses easy terrain between 600 and 700 meter of elevation, going north in order to enter the south side of the valley that is located north of Viromkjerringa (south of Grånebba).
Ascend the slope with some local creeks and find a good line west in order to reach the flat plateau at about 1100 meter of elevation on the north ridge of Viromkjerringa. From here, head south along the ridge, first a slightly steepish section, then a very gentle ridge that leads to the summit cairn.
This picture, taken the next day from Indre Sula, shows the last part of the route.
The weather was not nice, clouds and rain. After breakfast at Todalshytta, I took my car uphill along the forest road to the parking described above. Starting at 0905, I had a pretty long walk with limited visibility. First, uphill along the trail, next cross country, including the crossing of two good sized creeks. The final section caused no difficulties and I finally reached the summit at 1325. Returning pretty much the same way, I was back at my car by 1700. This was a pretty long walk in wet terrain, giving me quite a good workout. It was certainly nice to return to Todalshytta on this mid-summer evening. Rømmegrøt and Spekemat being served for dinner.