• Gråeggi
  • 1182 m
  • Prominence 294 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.44038, East 006.31195, (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed May 7. 2020


How to get there:
Follow Hwy. 7 from Trengereid outside Bergen (on Hwy. E-16), passing Nordheimsund. Drive across the old bridge at Fyksesund, shortly after the bridge (less than 1 km), turn sharply right at a sign for Klyve. The road crosses Hwy. 7 on a bridge then in the small place called Fykse, make a right turn following signs for Bjørke. Drive this farm access road uphill and almost to the end, then locate a small area for parking on your left hand side at location N60.39766, E006.28471, elevation about 280 meter. There is a small booth for paying for the parking, self serve, NOK 50 in 2020.
Route description:
Take the small farm access road that runs uphill immediately before the parking area. Follow it between the farm buidings, a rough farm road then starts out going right. This road is often a ski track in winter. The trail, or ski track has a couple of signs along the way reading Nyasete. Continue passing Nyasete, keep north directly towards a steep cliff. Before the creek that comes down from the right (next to the cliff), ascend the hill quite steeply, gradually getting closer to the cliff. This route is pretty good for skiing. Ascend higher to reach a local col at about 730 meter. From here, descend along the small valley heading in the direction of the small hut named Stavdal. In the spring, with less snow cover on the south facing slopes, one may also ascend more along the creek towards the small Vetlafjellet, then contour into the valley above Stavdal, around elevation 750 meter.
Continue up the valley, staying on the right hand side above the valley floor. The valley will be more flat and one easily continues to about 820 meter of elevation. Turn sharply left and ascend the slope, first quite steeply, then somewhat more gentle in a wide gully towards Fagraseteggi. Turn right as soon as the terrain permits and ski below point 1037m on the (east) right hand side. Descend slightly to the small valley that separates point 1037m from Gråeggi. Next, ascend the ridge ahead on the right (east) side, turn left (west) and follow this distinct ridge across a minor hump until it merges with the final slope going more north (right) to the summit with a summit cairn.
I did this trip with my friend Eric. We left Bergen around 0840 and started our hike at 1035. No snow anywhere near Bjørke, it is only about 180 meter above sea. We walked to Nyaseter arriving there around 1120. From here, we could ski and we continued up on Vetlafjellet before contouring into the lower end of Aurdalen, above the place called Stavdal.
Unfortunately, the light was very flat, this means that it is very hard to judge the terrain nearby, is it up or down?, is there a cornice right ahead? Very annoying as you have to move ´with great caution. We skied into Aurdalen and localized the place were we should ascend. It looked very steep, part of this due to the poor visibility. We zig-zag'ed uphill, the first section was indeed pretty steep. Higher up, the terrain was nice and we quickly gained elevation. We continued across and ascended the final ridge. A cornice ran parallel to us and the small valley on our right hand side looked more distinct than what we could read from the map. Eventually, this ridge merged into the main slope that would quickly terminate with the summit. We arrived at 1415, the weather was slightly breezy and clouds were drifting all around. We left after 10 minutes, better to have a break down in the first valley.
The return ski was ok, however, the limited visibility restricted the skiing somewhat. The snow was also about to break due to a full day with warm temperatures. We were back at Nyasete at 1610, another 30 minutes and the trip ended around 1645.