• Hatlesteinen
  • 321 m
  • Primary factor 108 m
  • Hordaland.
  • Location: North 60.06589, East 005.87475 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed November 4. 2017
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Locate Gjermundshamn on the west side of the Hardangrfjord. This small village serves the ferry that crosses the fjord to serve Rosendal. From Bergen, one may drive Hwy. E-16 to Trengereid, Hwy. 7 past Samnangr, then Hwy. 48 to Mundheim and finally Hwy. 49 south to Gjermundshamn.
Drive about 500m along Hwy. 49 north from Gjermundshamn, then locate a forest road that runs uphill to your left. Take this road, but turn left and park just where the road starts a right (uphill) curve. There is a (closed) gate just slightly higher uphill, without parking. This location is at N60.06912, E005.90804, elevation about 45 meter.
From the trailhead, hike along the forest road. First uphill passing the gate, then more level. Ignore smaller forks, mostly left. This forest road runs pretty much in the same direction, gaining more elevation, before it finally descends a small hill and sort of ends in a flat area. However, a much worse tractor track continues right from here, directly to the small lake Skagatjørna. This track continues around the lake on its west (left) side. You have the Hatlesteinen hill rising steeply on the other side of the lake. Follow the track until a pretty clear trail (small rocks) forks right. This trail immediately gets you to an old wooden tower. Carefully follow the small trail as it continues uphill. It may easily be lost as it bends left and traverses uphill. Follow this trail as long as it gains elevation, then head directly for the summit.
I woke up early at the trailhead and started out with a head torch at 0620. I lost the route just above the old wooden tower and continued straight uphill. Running into cliffs and generally cumbersome terrain this last part of the climb took a bit longer than it should have, still, I arrived at the summit by 0735, it was still quite dark. I rested 10 minutes then descended in a direction that I hoped would be slightly better. Still a bit steepish, but no cliffs, I ran into the trail further down. It is still not cleaar if this trail actually climbs the hill, however, one should follow it higher than I did.
I was back at my car at 0845, one hour after leaving the summit. My next goal would be Geitaknottane, located nearby.