• Bentsjordtinden
  • 1169 m
  • Primary factor 1053 m
  • Location: North 69:30.717, East 018:37.109 (GPS on the summit)
  • Near Tromsø, Troms, Norway
  • Climbed June 9, 2004


How to get there: Starting from the Tromsø airport, take road 862 west across the bridge to Kvaløy, then south for 6km to Eidkjosen. Make a left here and continue 14 km along Hwy. 862 to a small ferry at Larseng. This ferry will take you across to Vikran, NOK 47 when I travelled. From Vikran, drive about 7 km to Mårsteinnes and find a turnout where you can park. I parked at GPS coordinates, N69:31.721, E018:35.533, elevation 5 meter. This is a turnout on the right side of the road. Notice that this climb virtually starts at sea level.
Route description: Cross the road and head uphill slighly right of the single house located on the other side of the road. You will soon cross a small fence, continue uphill among fairly large trees until you reach a small knoll. From here, turn slightly more right and continue straight uphill. You will see a small creek on your left, stay on the right side. Higher up the slope levels off and you may locate a small trail that heads right. Follow this if convenient, otherwise just bear right and climb until you are above the trees. This area is called Bogfjellet, a waypoint here is N69:31.385, E018:35.977, elevation 301 meter.
Continue mainly west, while climbing more gently. The next goal is the ridge in front of you, that starts at Sandhaugen and runs south-east. This ridge is quite broad and gentle, I arrived at the ridge at waypoint N69:30.908, E018:34.594, elevation 531 meter. Follow this ridge up, the slope levels off as you get higher. Head directly up into the bowl between Bentsjordtinden (left) and Durmålstinden (right) and attain the ridge just before the summit of Bentsjordtinden. The last stretch involves a very short and easy scramble and the impressive summit cairn is right in front of you.
This climb never exceeds YDS class 2 in difficulty if following the route as described here.
Comments: I arrived by air on June 8. at 2130, picked up my rental car and got the last ferry across to Vikran at 2250. I found a place to park and slept in the car. I woke up at 0430, the weather was not good, but soon thereafter, at 0500 I headed uphill. The summit was mine at 0730 after rather careful navigation in dense fog and snowshowers. I had some chocolate and water, took a few pictures of the fog and headed down. Visibility was close to zero and a couple of waypoints that I recorded on my way up, came handy in order to stay on track. My footsteps was already gone, thanks to the wind and therefore snowdrift.
I was back at the car around 0845 and just barely made the 0900 ferry from Vikran to Larseng (the gate was closed, but a friendly ferry-man got me on as the very last car). This peak is well known for its nice view, that just did not add to my memory of the climb. However, it was a refreshing morning before the scheduled meetings in the afternoon. The next three days would be all conference, however, I already had my mind on a late Friday climb of Stortind.